What Is Minimum Viable Product?

There are various definitions of Minimum Viable Product you can find on the internet. But this one is the closest: Minimum Viable Product is the first version of a mobile app that has only crucial features that define the purpose of your app.

MVP app is not a beta or poor version of a mobile application. It’s high quality and ready-to-use app that has user value. We are sure that creating MVP first and not a full app with many features is the only right strategy if you want to create a successful mobile application.


Implementing many features

You probably heard about it, but we’ll never get tired of saying it! MVP app must include only core features. It will save you from implementing useless features that your users don’t need, and, of course, save your time and money.

A desire to reach a big audience

Attempts to develop an app that appeals to everybody is a road to nowhere. You have to focus on a limited target audience that would love your startup app. By building an app that meets only their needs, there’s much higher chance that they will love it.

Creating an app for multiple platforms

It’s understandable that you want to cover as many people as possible. But the reality is, if you build your mobile application for iOS and Android from the very beginning, the app development cost will double. You don’t want that. Instead, do marketing research and find out who is your target audience – iOS or Android users?

Changing the purpose of the app

Sometimes, startup entrepreneurs begin to think that their mobile app idea is not as fantastic as they thought it is. They feverishly try to add new features that often don’t have anything in common with an original idea. It always enlarges the time and cost of app development and often leads to failure.

Ignoring marketing

Many startup entrepreneurs make this mistake. They often think that fantastic idea is enough for an app to become super popular and generate enormous revenue. But here’s the reality. Absolutely any mobile app is doomed without marketing strategy that starts way before the app launch. Nobody will download, love and tell about your app if they won’t see it.

Choosing a company with low rate

Sure, $10/hour looks soooo attractive! You can implement any feature you want in your first release. But the outcome actually will be catastrophic. These app developers will miss all deadlines, won’t be able to develop features you want, and you will get half-made app with lots of bugs. Never go for cheap app development company.

Advantages of mvp

This is our favorite part of describing Minimum Viable Product. There are tons of benefits compared to building an app with many features from the very start. This section aims to convince you that MVP app is really what you need to create. The major advantages of a Minimum Viable Product are that it proves or disproves the viability of your idea with minimum risk, costs tenfold less, has a shorter development time, reduces rework, more quickly demonstrates the viability of an idea to investors.



This is a reason why you should build a Minimum Viable Product in the first place. As the old adage states, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” You can use your financial resources to build the perfect (in your eyes) application and only after that discover that there is no demand for app.


Time to develop an MVP much shorter

This one is easy to explain. When developing a Minimum Viable Product, you don’t spend expensive development time on many features, even if you are building mCommerce MVP app. You have only few core features that define your mobile app.


MVP costs tenfold less than full app

You have to remember that app development is just one part of mobile application success. You also need investments. For example, build an attractive website that describes features of the future app to potential users or marketing expenses, without which even the perfect app could fail.


Demonstrate the viability of idea to investors sooner

Every business looks for investments to grow, implement new ideas into a company, expand the product range. In the app world, this means adding features, renewing the design and advertising. But investors are not always ready to give money just for an idea of the successful app.

HOW to define crucial features for your mvp?

The main point of Minimum Viable Product is to cut all extra or unnecessary features leaving for development only the most important – core – features. As well, this is the hardest part of creating MVP app. It feels like every feature is crucial for your app and that without it it will be utterly different app idea with no chance of becoming a hit. And it’s normal. But here’s a tip for you – try to look at your mobile app like at a house.

From the very beginning, a house had a simple purpose – to protect from weather and wild animal. How will it help with defying core features for your MVP app? Imagine house from MVP point of view – meaning for a house to serve the primary purpose with no extras. Does it need walls? No doubt. Roof? Absolutely! What about a door? Yes, for sure. What about a window? You might think it ’s, but it won’t make a house better protection from rain or wolfs. Walls, garage, basement, attic are essentials and would nice to have in the future. But they are not crucial. You see that now? Hope it helps

Our approach


What other companies do

What we do

Our approach

  • You get your app to the market much faster
  • The risk of failing is 20% compared to 80% risk chance when you create full app
  • It’s easier to handle the payments, since you pay by portions
  • You faster start getting feedback from users
  • You can faster demonstrate your app for investors to raise funds
  • You have strong control over the process
  • You can change the schedule of updates and change features without any harm
  • Requires a lot of upfront work to plan everything right

Approach of other companies

  • Total price is slightly lower
  • In the end you have app with many features that presumably will satisfy users
  • App development process requires less of your involvement
  • Great risk of app to fail to be created
  • The app with same features may be released while your app is in proces
  • Many of the features can be unnecessary
  • Hard to get investments without working app
  • Very hard to make any changes during the process

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