Open Source

ANODA ♥️ Open Source

At ANODA we are loving open source and free software, that’s why we are publishing our components on the GitHub.

We understand that supporting open source is very important, it’s a heart of all modern mobile applications.

Follow us on GitHub and stay tuned for the future open source! ;)

ANODA iOS Components

README and description coming soon.

Inspired by Mantle. It’s a single class for better logging NSObject’s properties.

Just inherit your class from ANBaseDomainModel and that’s all!

For using font category, add to your global header, just before import category next lines and specify your own font names.

Custom macros set for CocoaLumberjack framework using XCodeColors plugin. Color your logs accordingly to set values.

Reactive NSURLSession

A set of small useful helpers for iOS development

Overlay menu for IOS7+ with autolayout


ANODA CocoaPods Private Repo

Automagically attach via :path locally hosted CocoaPods repos from Podfile.

Sometimes you need to create new private CocoaPod for your project, but it’s very complicated to debug and improve it while it automatically attached via pod update command from remote repo because there is not a git repo in the Podsfolder. It’s okay in production — you don’t need to download whole repos of your pods each time you setup new projects, but when you developing new Pods — it’s a required time-saving feature.

Script that creates XCode modules from templates.

VIPER Templates for Structure Generator from ANODA XCode Helpers bundle.

Script, that sends daily status email based on TEMPO Worklogs

ANODA’s internal XCode theme. Finely tuned by the hands of virgins.

Useful scripts to integrate mogenerator in Xcode run phases.

Demos and Examples

Demo project for ANODA implementation of VIPER iOS architecture.

Originally created by MutualMobile and re-implemented with massive improvements by our Lead iOS Developer Oksana Kovalchuk.