Wedding planning is not a nightmare with the Planestry wedding mobile application. Determine the budget of your event, keep the track of all your expenses, look for vendors available in your area and keep in touch with them at one place.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Most useful meditation application available. Fits perfectly for beginners in meditation and professionals. On top of that, app has guided videos for meditation, yoga and acupressure. Furthermore, the app has mood and progress tracker.


Meet the amazing mobile app for real estate participants: investors, realtors, and homebuyers. Great tool to save an important information about viewed property. Access to your property reviews in one click.

HJ Wallpapers

Meet the app that will solve your “Where to find awesome wallpaper problem” — HJ Wallpapers. With more than 5,000 wallpapers and dozens of categories, you can get awesome wallpaper every day. For any iPhone model.

ANODA Turn Timer

No more arguing about the time during games with ANODA Turn Timer. Set the duration of turn or round. Gives a sound when the turn has ended. Own iOS application created for a pleasant game experience.


Introducing to you Tinder like application for models and photographers. In this mobile application, photographers can see available models (and vice versa). If they like each other they can proceed communication about work.


Multifunctional application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with retro-style flip clock with advanced alarms, 5 days weather forecast and built-in RSS reader. It’s optimized for long-time work in foreground and background modes and has very low 50 Screens 4K+ Hours spent 10 People involved DESIGN The apps design should be artless and elegant at…


Spots is the must-have mobile application for festival attendees. Has a unique feature that gives you information about your friends’ battery charge. So, you can inform them, meet before phone dies and help them with the powerbank.


Mobile application for coworking search and indoor navigation inside them. Workadobe integrates with iBeacons that are placed on all workplaces. Every workplace has iBeacon that helps Workabode track information about app users, their location and status. Also you can book a workplace through the app.


Meet the Uber for finding fitness coach. Have time for the workout today? Find the gym, coach, connect with him, discuss the details, and book for the workout if everything is good.


iOS mobile application for those who belong to the art world. It’s a platform for direct purchase and sale of art objects. Provides history on every item, approximate price for selling, ability to send offers.


Amazing game mobile application for iOS. Record the video, put the funny music on top of it, and share with your friends. Easy and fun to use.


Unique social network mobile application. Communication is based entirely on video messaging. Pretty good alternative to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other major social networks.

Women Calendar

Must-have health mobile application for women. Keep track of all important things for women’s health: menstrual periods, ovulation, weight, basal body temperature, etc All data from the app can be exported in CSV file via email.

Ship Mate

Shipmate is the first cruise app ever created with over 2 millions downloads at the moment. No wonder. This travel application has everything you need to make your cruise experience a blast.


Top mobile app to track your car’s expenses and plan long trips. Car Control application has access to all gas stations on your way and their gas prices. Calculates the cheapest scheme where and how much fuel to buy.


Task manager like no other for iOS devices. Has all the features of a great task application. Creation of tasks, control of their realization, setting a deadline, chats comments, calendar and other important capabilities.


A fantastic game application that solves the question: Who is the best: Batman or Superman. Upload two pictures of characters you want to put in the ‘Battle’ and let the users of ‘Versoos’ game app decide who will win.

Muslim Pro

Most useful Android mobile application for Muslims. Has list of prayers, quotes of the muslim saints, alarm clock and Qibla direction compass.


Most comfortable mobile application for meetings. Create a schedule of the meeting, add comments, and set the time for every block. During the meeting MeetMate app shows you what block are you on and how much time you have for it.

Four Images One Word

Fun quiz mobile application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The purpose of this game is to find what 4 pictures have in common. Awesome game to pass the time while you are in line or in the transport.


Corporate instant messenger app for iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X. Sometimes no messengers can fill your needs. That’s when making your own mobile application becomes a reasonable decision.


Advanced Wallpaper2 mobile application for Android and iOS. In addition to all the features, you can use Instagram like filters on pictures. Preview overlays for lock and home screens are also available for this application.

CRA – Call Recorder Auto

Record all the phone calls with CRA Call Recorder Auto mobile application. There will be no more arguing like “But you said that in our phone conversation!”. All audio files are saved to your Dropbox account.

Lock for WhatsApp

Android mobile application created for protecting your WhatsApp with a password. You can be absolutely confident about the safeness of your WhatsApp chats. Lock For WhatsApp takes pictures of people who fail to enter the right password and saves them to a hidden album.


Social network mobile app for service recommendations. Just what you need if you are looking for a job or a contractor. It can be any kind of services. With the Favorme app, you will never have problems with finding a high qualified contractor using your friend’s recommendations or finding a part-time job.

Quiz Guess Who

iPhone quiz game perfect to have fun in travel. You have to guess what is shown on the picture. For the right answers, you get coins that you can exchange for hints. Has in-app purchases that allow you to buy hints.


Evolution of Screenmotion wallpaper application (after App Store forced to change the name and the icon). In this version got new features: categories, likes, search based on the color, search by tags for similar pictures.


Corporate address book mobile application for Exadel IT company. Contains the list of employees of this international corporation with several offices around the world. Can synchronize contacts with a smartphone’s address book. As well has the feature that allows you download contacts from a server with filtered with specified criteria for later offline usage.

Clock Weather News

iPhone & iPad desktop application perfect while you are in work process. This application has a stylish clock, provides real-time weather with HD pictures, and shows RSS news. Also, has a built-in alarm clock.

SoundStorm Radio

Android player application for the SoundStorm radio station. Music can be played inside the app and from the widget in the notification center. Shows the name of the songs that were played last. It has deep Twitter and Facebook integration.


Location-based mobile application to look for cafes and restaurants. Moreover, the application has features that allow to look through menus, book a table, make an order and even to call for a waiter! Phonder application is created in 2 languages only for Israel.


Mobile application for wallpaper search with infinite scrolling. Was #1 free app in US App Store. The first wallpapers application that was created with flat UI style for iOS 7. Provides full-size flipping of picture and previews for ‘lock’ and ‘home’ screens.


Zamatec is a real estate app that provides the catalog of multi-apartment houses of the certain building company. Search for the suitable property on the list or on the map. App gives full information: description, pictures, price, and construction progress.


Unique dating mobile application based on anonymous communication through voice messages. People find profiles via map and can look through photos to decide whether they want to chat. Has in-app purchases that give you contacts of person you want to continue communication.