Car Control

Car Control

Drive economically.



How much did you spend on gas station last week? How much do you plan to spend on a car in the next month (yes, we are referring to the quarterly maintenance, refueling and a trip to the ocean)?

CarControl iOS app will help you not only keep track of your car expenses, but also to plan costs. Record your expenses on fuel, services, and repair, see reports and plan your expenses.

Do you know how much money you can save on a trip to the ocean average, if only to refuel the cheapest fuel? Save from $20 to $500 on average trip with CarControl app.

CarControl helps you to build the very vest route to your destination point via good roads with cheapest gas stations. It will even suggest you an amount to refill on each petrol station.

That really works and saves money.


We’ve inspired on most popular and useful mobile apps for drivers, like DriverNotes, and CarsManager.

Since users are using CarControl most times in dark places, we’ve decided to use dark tones which works great in both bright days and dark nights. Two bright accent colors makes CarControl’s interface really cool and contrast.


High Perofrmance


SSL Secured

Rocket Speed

Regular Backups

High Load Ready

Working on a CarControl project was a solid fence of challenges.

First, we met a decision about maps provider choice. Choose a 3rd party and pay for the rest of our lives or create our own maps provider that will work exactly as we want it. Of course, we choose second way, since creating your own solution instead of using existing one isn’t always longer and more expensive, since you just can’t control 3rd party services and directly change them to adapt to your needs.

We researched many open source and proprietary libraries and services that give you an ability to create your own map tiles hosting service and choose MapBox because they provide not only raster map tiles, but also vector map tiles.

We used Amazon S3 as a storage and Amazon EC2 as a computing platform for vector map tiles generating.

Maps iOS application development is always a challenge since every task that has “custom maps” in the description automatically multiplies development time by 10. In 2016 using raster map tiles was a standard, but we always looking forward and suggesting our customers only very best solutions, that will satisfy their users. That’s why we suggested switching from raster maps to vector because it gives users unlimited zoom and perfect access speed.


iOS 8.0 and later

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