While you are working, it’s always important to keep track of the time so you can keep up with your schedule. But most of the time, you are so involved in work that you forget about the time, and the clock on your laptop is too small to attract attention. Keeping up with weather is also an important thing to do. Not cool to run out of office without an umbrella when it’s raining, right? Not to mention keeping up to date with the news while you are working. Imagine, you leave the office to go home, but it turns out there was an alien invasion. That wouldn’t be a pleasant situation. All three of these features can be found in one app – Clock Weather News. What’s important is that this app is optimised for long-time use in foreground and background modes and has a very low battery, memory, and internet usage.




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All these features are located on one screen, with real-time weather seen at the top of your smartphone. The clock is in the middle of the beautiful background, with the time of day changing according to the local clock. On the bottom, you can see the RSS news feed. To get the news feed, you have to have your own Google Reader account and sign in to it by tapping on the appropriate space.


The Clock Weather News app also has an alarm clock. You can set as many alarms as you want. On top of that, you can give a custom alarm title and choose a song to play on the alarm instead of the horrible standard alarm sound.


This is a multifunctional cross-platform mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with a retro-style flip clock, advanced alarm clock, five-day weather forecast, and a built-in RSS reader. ANODA’s iOS apps developers were happy to create an app like this. It’s optimised for long-time use in foreground and background modes and has very low battery, memory and data usage. Alarms can be triggered even when the application is closed. The app includes a realistic 3D flip-clock animation. REST services in the app are present, including WorldWeatherOnline.com weather API and Google Reader RSS API integration. Custom UI controls: flip clock, multi-level side swipe menu, expandable panel. It has an advanced alarms manager with powerful repeat settings, ten integrated melodies, and the ability to choose a song from iPod’s library. It was a pretty interesting experience for our mobile development agency to make an iOS phone application like this.


iOS Developer
Oksana Kovalchuk
UI Designer
Alex Zavrazhniy
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
August 9, 2013