With the CRA mobile app, there will be no more arguing, saying things like, “But you said that during our phone call!” The purpose of developing this Android app is to provide you with a way to record all the conversations you make on your smartphone easily. You don’t have to start the app every time you call or answer. Just start the app once, and it will do its job automatically. To save memory on your smartphone, you can upload all audio files to your Dropbox.




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The records screen contains all recorded conversations as a list. Every file has the name of the contact you talked to, the date, time, duration, and an indicator of whether it was an incoming or outgoing call. Tabs “Dropbox” and “Memory” show you the files that are saved on Dropbox or in the memory of your smartphone respectively.


Of course, you don’t want anyone to listen to your recorded conversations. No worries. The CRA Call Recorder Auto app has a PIN protection feature. Set the PIN code, and it will be requested each time you want to open the app. Every person who doesn’t have access but tries to open the CRA mobile app will be photographed. All pictures of intruders you can see on the “View Intruders” screen.


It is crucial to reduce CPU usage during a call to prevent the phone from overheating. After all, nobody would like it when their phone becomes as hot as the sun during a conversation. We use unique adaptive compression algorithms that consume several times less CPU than standard apps. Thus, we not only keep the phone cold, but also prolong battery life. It allows users to make hundreds of recorded calls before the phone is completely discharged. It’s a nice project for our mobile development agency


Android Developer
Eduard Matsukov
UI Designer
Alex Zavrazhniy
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
July 29, 2014