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We have tried many different task management mobile applications and understood that there is no perfect one. That’s why we decided to create the very best task management application for iPhone.

CtrlDO is like a Twitter, but for tasks, it’s useful for managing both your personal and your team’s daily microtasks, like “Buy coffee in office” or “Prepare sales report on Tuesday”.

With CtrlDO you can do tasks yourself or assign them on your teammates. You may also control assigned tasks progress, discuss them in comments and even attach files.


CtrlDO has modern user interface design that follows Apple Human User Interface Design Guides.

We have included best practices and tricks from all popular task collaboration applications like Todoist, Wunderlist and Trello.


High Perofrmance


SSL Secured

Rocket Speed

Regular Backups

High Load Ready

CtrlDO app has custom backend written on Python and uses MongoDB as a storage. It is highload ready and supports more than 10,000 simultaneous active users.

The biggest challenge in creating CtrlDO application was case, when you are using multiple devices for managing one single account and performing different actions with your tasks. Imagine that you are creating a task on one device, then modifying it on another device, and after than changing it again on first device. That’s looks easy, but it’s very tricky.

CtrlDO fully supports offline mode and background synchronization. We have optimized network part to reduce traffic between the client and the server to make application more responsive and faster.


iOS 8.0 and later


iOS Developers: Oksana Kovalchuk, Oleg Panferov, Dmitriy Frolov

UI Designers: Alex Zavrazhniy, Andrey Tsapko

Quality Assurance: Elena Milshina

Project Manager: Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date: August 1, 2015

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