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Favorme iPhone & Android Application
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Favorme iPhone & Android Application


What do you know about your friends’ opportunities? Do you know what useful contacts they have? Or what kind of services they could provide? Find out this with the Favorme app.
You need the services of a dentist or buy a laptop, but you don’t know where to find it? Ask on the Favorme! Your friend knows where discounts on laptops and your girlfriend can recommend you a good doctor. Share with your friends your needs and abilities, and “the happy couple” could matches.
People use the Favorme app to receive good first-hand services approved by their friends.

Join to Favorme app:
• Keep up with your friends’ opportunities and abilities
• See what friends needs up
• Always first-hand information from the owners
• Find the best services what you need
• Share your useful abilities with friends
• Record and share the services you use
• Get notified when friends faved and comment your opportunities.


The basis for the design of the Favorme app has been taken favorite and known interface to users, which got used to it in social networks. You do not need to study the functionality of the interface because you know how it works.
In design app has been used clear and elegant solutions, for example, the effects of parallax and blur, backlit buttons, minimalistic design of icons. The design is made in a style wherein navigation controls don’t distract users from the main app content.
Colors for Favorme app have been selected in pleasant tones – blue and white. This makes viewing for the eyes more comfortable.
The top line was created in the classic style of mobile apps: text-buttons and smooth simple icons.

• Simple stylish menu.
• Fast jumping from one screen to another.
• Quick response and fastest photo uploading.
• Minimalistic modest icons.
• Clear beautiful looks app.


High Perofrmance


SSL Secured

Rocket Speed

Regular Backups

High Load Ready

We have created unique uber-fast TableView to handle more than 500 custom cells with photos and custom states with preserved smooth scrolling. It’s very important for mobile applications users to get instant interface response after any touch.
Also, the great component in Favorme app is powerful and stable web server that can handle a lot of concurrent request at once. We have done high-load ready server architecture and stress-tested it under synthetic load (more than 120,000 online users per minute).
We have chosen MongoDB as data storage, MemcacheD as in-memory caching service and Nginx as the web server.
In future versions, we are planning to add CDN support and web app scalability.
REST API security is covered by SSL connection so Favorme customers can trust us their private data: nobody can steal your data on the way from your phone to our server.


iOS 6.0 and later
Android 4.0.3 and later


iOS Developer: Oksana Kovalchuk

Android Developer: Eduard Matsukov

Backend Developer: Vladimir Grevtsev

UI Designer: Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance: Elena Milshina

Project Manager: Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date: Mar 18, 2014

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