Personal Trainers and Meal Prep on Demand



We created a basic documentation set and lo-fi wireframes for the screen map for FitTrain app.

That helps to understand the real size of the project and estimate duration and cost more accurate.

We are providing this screen map as a public example of our work.

Download PDF (423 KB)

Screen map

We are using OmniGraffle software to create such awesome wireframes and connect them on the screen map.

It’s fast, cross-platform and reliable tool for diagramming and wireframing.

With our screen map everybody in a team will have clear understanding


Technical notes

We are using Atlassian Confluence to create, store and share project’s technical notes.

The minimal amount of technical documentation for mobile application project describes each screen in all states (empty, with data, filtered data, etc).


Business Analysis: Elena Milshina

UI Designers: Olga Uzhikova

Quality Assurance: Evgeniya Zagorcha

Project Manager: Oksana Kovalchuk

Release Date: August 10, 2016

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