Your easy-to-use and fast guide of the German city Göppingen with detailed information about all business and show places.

Göppingen2Go iPhone Application
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Going on a trip to Goppingen, but you don’t know what the city is? You live in Goppingen and you don’t know the post office opening hours? Use the Goppingen2Go app – local travel companion with detailed maps, in-depth city content, business hours, info tips and popular places’ photos.
With Goppingen2Go app easy to plan your trip and rest inside the city!

Reasons to love the Goppingen2Go app:
• Detailed map with photos and setting of directions
• Discover nearby places from your location using device’s GPS to search the best bars, restaurants, clubs, hotel, spa, shopping malls, etc.
• Search by name, by an address, by category
• Tips and recommendations from advanced travelers
• Up-to-date info about thousands of places, interesting points and attractions
• Easy to use on your phone or tablet.


The Goppingen2Go app design is classic, that is typically used for applications such as cities’ guide: maps, a list of addresses and phones of urban places, photos, major info about sites. Icons on the main screen are delicate. This was achieved by pale vinous slightly opacity of the background and white symbols on it. Colors of UI is presented in vinous&white. These colors are good receptive for the eyes, don’t irritating, and are creating comfortable viewing info in the app.
UI of screens with the list of addresses and phones have been created as comfortable as possible for users. A user without logout from the Goppingen2Go app can make a call to service, that he need. A user can quickly jump to the map, find parking, address, and view photos of impressions, which geotagged. For this reason, the UI can be called flat and friendly. Also, we have used the tap and swipe HIG, which ideal for the navigation into the app.

• Photos’ uploading
• Grid view and list view menus
• Full list of all sites addresses and phones
• Easy navigation
• Good-looking and friendly UI
• Making calls from the app


REST API services were provided by the customer. We made a fast loading client part, which looks awesome and very useful. The app has Facebook integration.
We have optimized a design and UI of the Goppingen2Go app, making the application more convenient and comfortable for users. In this version has become easier to find a useful information. Much better look address lists and details of objects on maps.


iOS 6.0 and later


iOS Developer: Oksana Kovalchuk

UI Designer: Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance: Elena Milshina

Project Manager: Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date: Nov 9, 2013

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