The best way to protect your personal talks from strangers. If you don’t want anyone to interfere in your personal life. If you hiding your phone from mom, that she didn’t read your chat with a boyfriend. If you are afraid that anyone find out about what you are talking with a business partner.
Stop being in the panic about it, and install the Lock for WhatsApp. The PIN code will securely protect your chats and will calm down your nerves.

Five reasons to use the Lock for WhatsApp:
• Protection against anyone, except you.
• High level of protection when restoring PIN.
• Three lock mode: instant, after a specified time, after phone shaking.
• Hidden shot of intruder, who entered incorrect PIN.
• Stop being afraid about insecurity your personal communication.




Hours spent


People involved


Awesome and easy to understand the design of the app have been created in black & red tones with white symbols. It makes the app is great looking. Nothing unnecessary in the UI – just all useful functions. Important settings are presented as partially list checkboxes, partly in the form of a list, which is tap activated. Set up a secret question it’s the checkbox, in which you can choose one of the options. You can enter an answer to a secret question in the next field manually. Also, you can change the PIN with standard way.


Turning on the lock on the WhatsApp is very easy. Each item corresponds to a screen: set time alarm clock, screen for the instant lock with lightning, mobile shaking for lock the app after shaking a phone. Just choose what you need, and use the app. Noiseless photographing of the intruder – it’s a great idea and cool feature. After your successful login to the app, on the main screen, you will see a button, that opens a photo and shows you the intruder. Now you know who deserves your thrashing.

• Contrast colors for the design.
• Hidden photo shot of an intruder.
• Three displays of lock settings.
• Easy to understand UI.


The app was developed to lock WhatsApp, and for that reason, it should have the highest degree of encryption. For example, secret answer on a question in the app very cool is encrypted, and no one can hack it.
The app always monitors the system to launch WhatsApp, so circumvent its settings impossible. Has low-level system service. Lock for WhatsApp consumes too little memory and have a low power consumption of the battery. Users don’t need nervous in this way.


Android Developer
Eduard Matsukov
UI Designer
Alex Zavrazhniy
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
April 1, 2014