Privacy is a significant feature nowadays. The founder of Lock for Whatsapp understands that. This is why he asked us to create a mobile application that can protect your chats. All you have to do is install the app and set the PIN, which will be asked for when you open WhatsApp messenger. There you go. After that, nobody but you will have access to your messages. The owner of Lock for Whatsapp made the right decision to hire an Android developer to get a mobile app developed.




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The mechanism of protection is simple, yet very effective. It’s a four-digit PIN code. Do you know how many combinations you get here? 10,000! Impossible to guess. Set the PIN code in Lock for WhatsApp, and every time you open WhatsApp, you’ll be asked to enter it. Nobody can open the app unless the correct PIN is entered.


Protecting your WhatsApp chats is not always enough. It’s good to know who exactly tried to see your messages. The Lock for WhatsApp mobile application has a great feature for that. Every time somebody tries to open WhatsApp on your smartphone, the front camera takes a picture. That way, you can see the photos of all the people who have attempted to run WhatsApp on your phone.


This app was developed to protect WhatsApp. For that reason, it should have the highest degree of encryption. For example, a secret answer to a question in the app is encrypted, and no one can hack it. The app always monitors the system to launch WhatsApp, so circumventing its settings is impossible. It is a low-level system service. Lock for WhatsApp consumes very little memory and has a low power consumption. Users don’t need to be nervous about these things. Our mobile development agency did a great job building Lock for WhatsApp, a trustworthy protector of the popular messenger.


Android Developer
Eduard Matsukov
UI Designer
Alex Zavrazhniy
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
April 1, 2014