Your smart guide of the German city Ludwigshafen with detailed info about all attractions and urban places.

Ludwigshafen iPhone Application
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The first day in the Ludwigshafen, and you don’t know where you can have a dinner? Want to buy an iPhone, but you don’t know where you can do this in the city? Find out this in the Ludwigshafen app! Best local guide with readable maps, photos, the detailed city places info, discount sales, and parkings.

Ludwigshafen app helps to plan your everyday life and rest around the city!

Join to the Ludwigshafen app:
• Detailed map with photos, set of directions and urban points location
• Discover nearby restaurants, clubs, rest places, shops, etc.
• List of shops with discounts
• List of addresses and phone numbers of urban sites with the ability to call right now without leaving the app
• Search by name, by address, by category
• Tips from local mature travelers and residents
• Up-to-date info about city places and attractions
• Easy to use on your phone or tablet.


The Ludwigshafen app is a typical city guide, which has almost standard UI. Almost, because we made a non-typical main menu with spacious grid viewing. The soft blue color of icons background, and contrasting symbols on it, makes the main screen simply stylish.
Main colors of UI it’s light blue and milk white. They supplemented of each other and look good on the screen of your devices.
It is worth saying about drawing maps with routes. They are made with crisp graphics, displaying all necessary information, highlighting icons, quick drawing of routes and directions. The UI is familiar to users of similar guides apps, so it is not difficult to use it. All well-known functions, swipe, and tap interface gesture, has made noticeably easy navigation in the Ludwigshafen app.

• Handy and awesome UI.
• Spacious and well-read visual display of information about an object.
• Easy searching by a category, by addresses, by the name of objects, etc.
• Standard and good known menu.
• Quick photos uploading.


For Ludwigshafen app, we developed a mobile client with useful and handy UI. The customer has provided us with Rest API service, integration with Facebook. We made an economical app, that doesn’t occupy too much space on a phones’ memory. The app has a good drawing graphic and supports all standard gestures as swipe, tap, etc. The app instantly responds to user gestures and fast loads of all content.


iOS 6.0 and later


iOS Developer: Oksana Kovalchuk

UI Designer: Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance: Elena Milshina

Project Manager: Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date: Sep 11, 2013

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