You came to the restaurant and long waiting for a waiter? Use the Phonder app, login and scan the QR-code that is on your table, upload menu on your phone and make your order to the waiter through the app.
The Phonder app it’s like a foursquare which used in the bars, cafes and restaurants of Israel.

The Phonder app gives access to the following features:
• See the restaurant menu with pictures, descriptions, and the dishes’ rating.
• Order items from the menu with your phone.
• Call a waiter or ask for a bill with your phone.
• Use unique coupons with your phone.
• See and talk with other customers who are in the restaurant at this moment and using Phonder.
• Share your experience on Facebook.




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People involved


The Phonder app is locally tied to Israel, and therefore the design have been developed with features to suit the customer. App language – Hebrew. For design were chosen burgundy, beige, and pale brown colors. They are creating a calm tone and rest mode.

Preview a restaurant menu is very handy. Also very readable and easy to understand check-in, viewing of free sit places, and making an order to a waiter. User information and contact details into the Phonder app displays on the pop-up menu, that looks pretty clear and structured. You can write to one of a current location visitors without logout from the app. Also, you can find your friends on the Facebook, who use the Phonder app too.

We made the good-looking, very friendly user interface, that will not leave you indifferent.


• View menu, including photos and descriptions, also show portions of previous users with scrolling, swipe and tap gesture.
• Order items on the menu and call a waiter or account book in two clicks.
• Fast loading app.
• Handy and awesome UI.


The Phonder app is used only in Israel. That’s why the app was developed in two languages: a right to left and left to right orientation: English and Hebrew.

Design app developed by the customer. We adapted it from iOS to Android. The customer also provided us with Rest API integration. For storage and accelerate work with establishment and institutions menu, we used a local database. The app is super fast load speed and doesn’t occupy too much space on the memory card.


Android Developer
Eduard Matsukov
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
July 11, 2013