Phonder is the iPhone app developed to make your search and visits to the cafes and restaurants fantastic. Start the app and look for the restaurants nearby. Tap on those you like and see the detailed information about them With this app you don’t have to face long waiting for the waiter. You can put an order, call the waiter and ask for a bill with just your smartphone. Seriously, this is an amazing application. For the convenience Phonder app has two languages – Hebrew (right to left) and English (left to right). So it will be pleasant to use for Israel citizens. It was very interesting project for our iOS apps developers




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On the “Find a place” screen you can see all restaurants that are located nearby. In the list, you see the basic info: name, address, type of restaurant, distance to it, and whether it has kosher food or not.


“My coupons” screen shows you the list of all coupons available to you. It can be free coffee, free dessert on orders exceeding a certain value, discount on the dinner, etc.


You can see the menu of any restaurant that is partnered with the Phonder mobile application. In addition to viewing the menu, you can also order the items you loved. This is a fantastic feature that lets you make an order without calling a waiter. It’s like a dream come true. To help you with the decision, every dish or beverage has a rating. Next step, you can see the state of your order: whether it’s on the way or is not even accepted. If it’s not, you can cancel it.


You know it’s annoying when you have to wait for a waiter to come to you. Sometimes they just don’t see you and your signs. No problems like that with Ponder mobile application. Simple use the feature “Call a waiter”.

To avoid the unpleasant process of asking the waiter to come to ask for a bill tap the “Order bill” button. Do you like this app now?


The Phonder app is used only in Israel. That’s why our iOS apps developers team created in two languages: a right to left Hebrew and left to right orientation English Hebrew and English. Design of the app is developed by the customer. We adapted it from iOS to Android. The customer also provided us with REST API integration. For storage and accelerate work with establishment and institutions menu, we used a local database. Phonder has super fast load speed and doesn’t occupy too much space on the memory card. Glad that founder chose us when decided to hire an iPhone app developer


Android Developer
Eduard Matsukov
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
July 11, 2013