Uberfast enterprise address book in your pocket.

Fast synchronisation, search and profiles access with offline work.

rVision iPhone Application


Address book of co-workers in the huge company, which has a few offices in different countries. If you need a devs’ phone number from a department, you can find it in the rVision app. If you need to know how long manager will be on the vacation, you can find out this in the rVision app.
The rVision app it’s fast access to info about each employee of the company at any time and with offline work.

The rVision app features:
• Display contact info about all offices or select one, also could select one or more departments of the office for displaying.
• Fast search with the highlight of symbols in text.
• Full info about employees: photo, phone numbers, skype, email, city, etc.
• Employee office hours and assigning on a project(s).
• Date of planning employee vacation and sick days.


The app is targeted at employees of the company, so it was made in strict and corporate style. We used blue colors with pale tones, that is perfect for eyes and has a calming effect. Also, this tone is ideal for the enterprise product. UI has been developed taking into account features from the customer and a symbolisms of the company.
Display with the list of employers has search line in the top. See contact info of co-workers is very handy – just right swipe on a name, and tiny grey contact icons will appear on the line. Also, the search is good organized. Typed letters in the search bar already show up in the list below with highlighting of those typed letters.

• Wide display settings of office groups and employers.
• Easy search of employees, employment projects, vacations.
• Excellent look of the app.
• Clever and intuitive UI.
• Smart searching.


Since the rVision app is designed for IT company, it must be both smart and intuitive – a strong combination, because co-workers don’t want to wait for a long response. So, rVision is fastest even you can think. The time it’s money, and IT employers should make a fast money, that means a big money. The app loads quickly and has a variety of settings to display data about company workers.
Customer provided us integration with existing Rest API. In rVision e made an address book synchronization and prefetching in background. Searching contacts in a address list happening instantly and with highlight of symbols in text. Swipe gestures on a field in a contact list view table shows contact icons.


iOS 6.0 and later
Android 4.0.3 and later


iOS Developer: Oksana Kovalchuk

UI Designer: Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance: Elena Milshina

Project Manager: Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date: Aug 10, 2013

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