Wanna start a trend with your phone? Use the ScreenMotion app with the most stylish wallpapers. Colorful, high-quality, and beautiful images will be a reflection of you and your mood. Your phone – it’s you. Make your phone reflect your individuality! With the ScreenMotion mobile application, it’s easy to do. There’s one powerful argument in favor of using this app – it was the #1 free app in the US App Store. We are proud to be the mobile development agency that created this app.




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Unlike other wallpaper apps, ScreenMotion doesn’t have categories. And it doesn’t need them, due to the fantastic selection of pictures. It has an infinite scroll, so you can watch and choose from wallpapers forever… Pretty cool, huh? The app has two ways of searching for wallpapers. First, in the form of a grid with scrolling, or full-sized, where you have to swipe for the next wallpaper. You can switch the view type any time you want.


Here’s one more cool feature to make your wallpaper choosing experience pleasant. Every picture you like can be previewed before downloading. This preview features both the lock and home screen.


The Screen Motion app looks cool and handy. In the process, our app developers used methods, which made the app light and compact. Especially for the app we made a Nginx server and using CDN CloudFlare to service more than 4 million users from all the world. We used the PHP with MySQL as data storage and memcacheD as in-memory caching service. Infinite GridView and PageView scrolling with more than 10 000 items. So, we have used prefetching of images and smart cache. Photos uploading RESTful web-service with Amazon AWS integration. It allows to quickly loading images without delay and users don’t wait. This process is hidden. Bandwidth traffic is 700 Mbps. The app monetized by iAd and adMob. Since the ScreenMotion app was #1 free App in US App store founder made a right choice to hire an iPhone app developer from ANODA agency


iOS Developer
Oksana Kovalchuk
Backend Developer
Alex Zavrazhniy
UI Designer
Alex Zavrazhniy
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
July 11, 2013