SoundStorm radio station decided to take communication with their listeners to the next level. That’s why they wanted to hire an Android app developer to create a mobile app. This application has everything a radio station needs and more. First of all, it’s a fantastic way to listen to music via your smartphone. Second, you don’t have to rack your brain trying to find out what song is playing, since you can see it on the main screen of the app. It saves you from using the Shazam or Soundhound mobile apps. It’s no secret that communication with their listeners is the second purpose of radio stations. That’s why there’s a feature allowing for communication via social networks in the SoundStorm radio Android mobile application.




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The home screen is basically a music player, but it has some cool features that make it outstanding. To start with, you will see the music track that is currently playing on a given SoundStorm radio station. As well, you can see the titles of the five last played songs. There’s also a volume adjustment bar, to set the loudness.


Close communication with their audience is crucial for any radio station. That’s why we added social network tabs into the app. By going into the Facebook or Twitter tabs, you will see the social profiles of the radio. If registered, you can interact with all posts or tweets from SoundStorm radio. On top of that, you can send a direct message with a suggestion or words of appreciation.


The founders of SoundStorm Radio didn’t waste any time to find an app developer. They contacted us very fast. After we had developed an app interface for them, we thought about useful details that would make listening to music more comfortable for users. Therefore, we used ShoutCast, IceCast, and CentovaCast. There are two main options for running a radio server, and these are using an IceCast server or a ShoutCast server. CentovaCast makes it easy to configure your ShoutCast or IceCast stream.

Also, we ensured Twitter and Facebook integration were central to the app. We have put a special widget in the notification center, which makes access to the radio app fast and allows user to stop playing music at any time. Also, we made player controls, endless MP3 stream player, e-mail feedback form, and a short track history. Creating the SoundStorm Radio app was a true pleasure for ANODA mobile development agency.


Android Developer
Eduard Matsukov
UI Designer
Alex Zavrazhniy
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Project Manager
Alex Zavrazhniy
Release Date
July 14, 2013