From time to time, we ask serious questions of ourselves: “Where’s my life going?”, “How can I earn more money?”, and “Would Batman beat up Superman?” Sorry, with life and work questions you have no one to turn to but yourself… But the Versoos game app can answer the Batman vs. Superman question! To be more specific, all the users in the world will help you answer it. The great thing about this app is that you can find the outcome of almost every ‘Battle,’ and it’s limited only by your imagination. For our mobile development agency, it was a really fun project.




Hours spent


People involved


Every time you have a “Who would win?” question, go to the Versoos game application and tap “Add versus.” In the “New Versoos” screen, there are two spaces which you can tap on to upload any two images: fictional characters, real people, brands, or even logos! Just follow your dreams. After you have added the “Versus” it becomes available to all app users, and they are the ones who will help you to define the outcome of the battle.


The “Fight discussion” screen shows all the people who want to influence the outcome of the “Battle” not only by voting. They also have strong arguments about someone’s victory, and that can affect voters’ decisions. Those who have a different opinion can always start a discussion with anyone who commented under the “Versus.”


Don’t be selfish! Help other people to find the answers to their questions, too. Search for interesting “Battles” or the ones you have a ready answer to on the home screen of the Versoos mobile application. Vote, comment, and share the “battle” with your friends in social media, who can also sign in to the app and take part in voting.


iOS Developer
Oksana Kovalchuk
UI Designer
Andrey Tsapko
Quality Assurance
Elena Milshina
Release Date
June 10, 2015