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Wallpapers 2 iPhone & iPad Application
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With 20,000+ stylish wallpapers and more every day, Wallpapers² is the most favorite, awesome and colorful app. Images are categorized by themes and colors, so all fans will be satisfied with the variety of topics: from romantic moods to space and abstract images, from sports persons and car to home design.

Follow features make the app the desirable and popular:
• A lot of categories with high-quality images.
• 20,000+ images.
• Easy navigation.
• Upload photos and images.
• New images added daily.
• Lock- and home-screen preview overlays.

Wallpapers² gives users a lot of ways to make their Phone their own stylish.


The apps design should be artless and elegant at the same time, so the user can focus on the main content – images. You don’t need to try to understand how it works or what you need to tap to download images. All buttons and links are so clear that you could understand what is this, even after your morning wake up.
Colors for the Wallpapers² app have been chosen in black&white, that makes the apps’ appearance voguish. Each image has a high resolution, and a specially formatted fit for screens for the iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Also, images come with user-friendly features. The fabulous and plain UI allows to you easily tap and swipe your way through multiple categories of images.
The user can rate individual photos, read a images description, download photos and give and receive feedback from within the app. Images can be set as wallpaper, liked or share it. By registering Wallpapers², users can upload their own images or photos.

• Handy navigation menu.
• Easy search by tags.
• Full images viewing.
• Smooth swipe in categories of images.
• Awesome home and lock screen viewing with scrolling images on the background.
• Black&White voguish style of the app.


The app is a major update of the Screen Motion app. In the development process we have used newest methods and technologies, therefore, we believe that these are two different apps.
We have used NGINX as a web-server and CloudFlare CDN to service above 5 million users from all the world. The server application was developed on the PHP with MySQL as data storage, and MemcacheD as in-memory caching service. In the future, we are planning to support the app using Python and MongoDB.
In Wallpapers² we have used prefetching of images and smart cache. It allows to quickly loading images without delay. This process is hidden from users.
Currently, average network bandwidth is about 700 Mbps.


iOS 6.0 and later


iOS Developer: Oksana Kovalchuk

Backend Developer: Alex Zavrazhniy

UI Designer: Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance: Elena Milshina

Project Manager: Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date: Nov 11, 2013

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