Helps to hear new beautiful voices and to meet a new interesting people.

Zang iPhone Application
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Zang iPhone Application


The fastest way to meet interesting people on the phone. See who is around and call him or her to talk about anything. No text! Just call to someone who likes.
Free calls to anyone who uses Zang app. Phone numbers remain anonymous. After the first phone call, you can rate the person and decide whether you want to talk further.

Absolutely unique app that has no analogues in the world.

The Zang app features:
• Search for new people around on different parameters
• Upload photos
• Free anonymous calls
• Facebook, and VKontakte integration.

Install the app and find out who you can call nearby right now!


Zang app was specifically created to allow users to call each other, so the interface is designed in the style, which is handy for making calls. The easy registration system, adding contacts and viewing the profile are good known functions for users. Search results for people around user current position are displayed in the nice GridView, that looks as the table of avatars. We considered calls setting, which can be very useful for users. For example, for girls who don’t want to receive calls from old uncles. Those functions as permission to accept incoming calls from acquaintances or strangers, establish the age or sex of callers are very effective and relevant. Desired option should be checked.

The color scheme was chosen for the Zang app in the style fashion trends that perfectly to each other. It is a dark gray and purple. The dark background of screens creates a favorable contrast with text and exact icons on it, that looks awesome.

• Both horizontal and vertical profiles and photos fullscreen slider.
• Dynamic GridView-like photos list control.
• Both directions voice calls initialization.
• Infinite photos scrolling with intelligent caching and prefetching.
• Photos uploading.


Zang app it’s a social network of fast dating. A customer gave us the idea, design, Rest API service, provided Integration for Vkontakte and Facebook. We have developed a mobile client, which is super fast and unique. The app has SMS verification, realtime and scheduled notifications. Custom UI controls: porting GridView from iOS6 to iOS5.


iOS 5.0 and later


iOS Developer: Oksana Kovalchuk

Release date: May 11, 2013

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