Task manager like no other for iOS devices. Has all the features of a great task application. Creation of tasks, control of their realization, setting a deadline, chats comments, calendar and other important capabilities.


This is fantastic game for mobile devices that can solve the question: “Who is stronger, Batman or Superman?” Upload two pictures of characters you want to put in the ‘Battle’ and let the users of the ‘Versoos’ game app decide who will win.

Muslim Pro

This is a handy Android mobile application for Muslims. It includes a list of prayers, quotes from the Muslim saints, an alarm clock, and a Qibla direction compass.

Four Images One Word

This is a fun quiz mobile application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The gameplay in this game is to find what the four pictures have in common. It’s an excellent game to pass the time while you are in line or during a trip.


InMessage is a corporate instant messenger app for iOS and Android. Sometimes, in a corporate setting, you’ll find there is no appropriate messenger for your needs. That’s when making your own mobile application becomes a reasonable decision.


Advanced Wallpaper2 mobile application for Android and iOS. In addition to all the features, you can use Instagram like filters on pictures. Preview overlays for lock and home screens are also available for this application.


Favorme is the social network mobile app for making recommendations. Offer services, find contractors, and find buyers or sellers. Your friends will help you with everything – recommend you or to you, depending on your needs.   

Quiz Guess Who

This iPhone game application is perfect for having fun while traveling. You have to guess what is shown in a given picture. For giving the right answers, you will get coins that you can exchange for hints. The app also has in-app purchases that allow you to buy tips.