ANODA is more than an average mobile app development company. Besides enhancing our skills development and design we keep contacts with marketers. This helps us understand the business side of mobile development. On top of that, it helps us gain a deep understanding of target audience insights, their needs, and desires. These skills help us strengthen the business side of your app and deliver an amazing experience to your users. It’s our huge advantage over other companies who focus on development without giving a thought about an app’s viability.

Furthermore, it is our goal to satisfy the needs of your clients and you. In the end, there’s nothing more valuable than the happiness of your users since it leads to more downloads and more profit for you. Sometimes, we help our clients see the potential of the app that they couldn’t even imagine.


UI Designers

To design interfaces



To code apps


QA Engineers

To find all bugs



To rule them all


The ANODA team believes that the power of the app is not in features it has, but in the goal of application. We will never forget about this and we’ll take it through all stages of the project. This is what differs us from the others – we care about your business.


The mission of ANODA app development company is to create mobile applications that will work perfectly for you and your business. In addition, we will be your mentor team in app development world. With our knowledge and experience in development, design, and business we can create an app better than you could imagine in your dreams.


ANODA’s main priority is the client’s happiness. This doesn’t only mean high-quality app development. It also includes our interest in the future outstanding business performance of your app. We won’t find inner peace until we do everything possible for that to happen.


ANODA’s main focus is on the success of your project. There will be times when you might think more about the features and not about your primary goal – to make a profitable app that meets your customers’ expectations. We’ll always be there for you to remind that and take you back to the right path that leads to the perfect mobile application.


Sometimes it happens that mobile app development companies confuse doing as the client says with customer satisfaction. This kind of “service” leads to disaster – an app with horrible design and unnecessary features. At ANODA we aim to do only the work that will make a fantastic app and protect you from needless expenses. To do so, we try to find out everything about your business. With this information, we can look objectively at your project and identify what is reasonable to do and what is not. You will receive a perfectly working mobile application that has great potential to become successful and will engage your users for years.


At ANODA, Software services Excellence is not just an axiom, it happens to be one of the prominent business ethics. Our business values earn us not only profit – but profit through client satisfaction and your business growth.

As your technology partner, when your business will grow, we will grow automatically with you.

We complete every project with hard work, integrity, honesty & dedication.

We established long term relations with our clients.

Deliver economical yet efficient, effective, competent & high class services.

Complete client satisfaction.

We take care of global standards.


Code quality

Clean code is our idee fixe. We are
not letting trashy code lines into the
mobile apps.

App Store

We submit application to the App
Store including app listing and
descriptions, icons, asset gathering and more.

Code review

Every code line is reviewed in order
to get 100% clean code in the app.

All code in-

All code is written fully by ANODA
developers. No outsource.

Latest versions
of iOS

We create mobile applications for
latest version of iOS.

Master’s degree

Each of our developers holds masters
degree in Information technologies.

Specialized iOS

Experienced app developers who
are pros in iOS development.

No games. Just
business apps

We have narrow expertise in creating
business apps. We are not wasting our
time on game apps.

Merge request

All team operates as a single entity



– Wrote the first line of code in 5 years (1995)

– Created the first solid app in 12 years (2001)

– Created first mobile app in 2010

– Made TOP #1 Free US AppStore app in 2013

– Founded ANODA in 2013

ANODA CEO Oksana Kovalchuk

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