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Mobile app trends 2019

Top Mobile App Development Trends 2019

Over the last 10 years, people’s lives have changed because of mobile apps. They serve so many different purposes for people and their way of life. Because of the usefulness of mobile apps, entrepreneurs...

March 28, 2019

by oksana

How often should you release app updates?

How often should you release app updates?

  When you develop your mobile app, the first version of it will probably be completed within 3 to 6 months. It may take more or less time, depending on how sophisticated it is....

October 18, 2018

by oksana

App Store Optimization Trends + ASO Checklist

App Store Optimization Checklist

  Major App Developers’ problem Mobile app developers will devote many hours of their time and thousands of dollars of their money toward creating an app that will attract attention. If they can succeed,...

October 3, 2018

by oksana

KPIs To Measure Mobile App Development Success

Key Performance Indicators For Mobile App Success

A mobile application’s performance can be measured by tracking several KPI, also known as key performance indicators. Enterprises need to measure several metrics. After all, every business has their own goals and KPIs. It...

August 30, 2018

by oksana

Biggest Ad Monetization Mistakes for Mobile App

9 Biggest Mobile Ad Monetization Mistakes

Mobile app monetization is a very important part of app development. In fact, app monetization model must be considered prior to developing the app and then continuously considered throughout the development process and after...

August 2, 2018

by oksana

Importance of mobile app engagement

Importance Of Mobile App Engagement

Mobile app engagement seems to be the biggest thing in the app industry nowadays. If you want to run a successful app campaign, you need to concern yourself with the number of active users,...

July 25, 2018

by oksana