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We love being open to our clients! It is significantly important for productive partnership when it comes to creating amazing mobile application together. Agree? Usually, customers spend valuable hours trying to understand the structure and processes of company, while this hours could be spent for more crucial topics - like discussing your mobile app. The goal of this page is to describe you how we work and eliminate unforgivable waste of time.

Project roadmap

Isn’t awesome knowing the detailed plan of how your app will be created? Here you go! Below is the timeline that shows every step on the way to your app release. So now you can be calm since you know exactly how our development process goes. Cool, right?

project roadmap in details

mvp development

What is Minimum Viable Product? It’s a high-quality first version of your mobile application which includes only crucial features. It’s not poorly made app with bad design and couple of features. Why do that? Let’s be honest, developing a mobile app is not buying a pair of jeans. It’s a complex process that requires time and money and there’s no reason to risk it all to create one app.

Minimum Viable Product let’s you create a high quality app with clear purpose. This you can prove viability of your ap idea at low cost. After app proves itself it’s reasonable to release updated with new features to enhance user experience. We’ve been successfully creating MVP apps for startups for over 5 years now. Your app idea will be in good hands.


Proves or disproves the viability of your idea with minimum risk

MVP costs tenfold less than full app

Time to develop an MVP much shorter

Demonstrate the viability of idea to investors sooner

More about mvp

Staged payments

We are against full payment for creating a mobile application! App development process is divided into milestones, and every payment is due before each of them. For convenience we make them last one month, this means that payment for our services is due once a month. This way creating a mobile application will be very easy for your budget.

Payment options

50% Upfront

before every milestone

With this option you pay 50% upfront and other half at the end of milestone and after getting second payment you get app development materials that are due for a certain milestone.

100% Upfront

before every milestone

This option means 100% payment for certain milestone. Unlike 50% upfront option you will get access to app development materials every day. This is an alternative for development and the only option for wireframing and design.

Payment options details