Apple devices are popular in among solvent audience so building an ios application is a smart move if you plan to earn good money on your app. Iphones must be your number one choice for app since with enormous internet coverage, people use their iPhones almost everywhere for various needs. But don’t forget about iPads that are perfect for usage at home or in travel. And we don’t need to tell about the popularity rise of Apple watch.

ANODA Mobile Development Agency is ready to turn your idea into an app that will serve perfectly for you and the users. We are masters at creating MVP iOS apps, so you will save big on app development cost and time. The launch of your app will not be the end of our partnership, we’ll stay on board with to take your app to the next level.


The usage of smartphones grows exponentially. Reach to your target audience everywhere with iPhone Mobile application.


Tablets are clearly eating into the sales of traditional notebooks and desktop PCs. Outrun your competitors with iPad mobile app.

Apple Watch

Smart watches are definitely getting more and more love every day! Stay on hand with your customers all the time.


iOS apps have secured features

Helps to develop a smooth and consistent user experience

iOS provides strong shield for virus and malwares

iOS takes 20% less time to develop

iOS apps are quick to test, due to small amount of devices

iOS user are more engaged with the apps

iOS apps generate more revenue than Android apps

iOS platform performs better because of its unique functionalities

iOS apps attract more media attention

iOS apps are easy to support


We create only Native mobile applications. Here’s why. Native app development has a lot of advantages compared to Hybrid App development. One of the main benefits you get with native app development is that your app can get the full access to the camera, databases, geolocation, and other functions of the smartphone. It is very important for an app to give great user experience. Speed and performance of the app are also much better. And you want your app to work with fast with no problems, right? The technologies grow faster and faster, new app features become available very often, and native apps have the honor to implement them before Hybrid apps, some of the features even never become available for them.

If we are talking about the user experience, native mobile applications is a way ahead of hybrid apps. Because iOS and Android users are comfortable in using the apps that were developed for the particular platform. There’s one more important thing to consider - Data protection. Only native apps can ensure full data protection of your users. To finish, we want to point out that native mobile apps get support from App Store. You probably want your app to get featured on the App Store to get more downloads, the thing is, only native mobile applications get there.


CRM and project planning instruments

Vector Maps, route calculation, POI

mCommerce solutions

Cloud back-end solutions like Parse, Firebase and AWS

Wallpapers and image catalogues

Mobile social networks and platforms

In-app purchases

Push Notifications

Music Player


Real Time Update


Task State Manager

QR Code Reader


Photo/video effects

Third Party Services Integration


Apple TV App

Integration of BLE devices


What we use to create awesome iOS apps