E-commerce C2C Web and Mobile solution with custom payment processor to sell pieces of art


iOS. Android

Mobile application for those who belong to the art world. It’s a platform for direct purchase and sale of art objects. Provides history on every item, approximate price for selling, ability to send offers.

What is it?

Adenity is an mobile application developed for the art owners and desirous to buy it. To make the selling process much easier for them. Owners upload an artwork with a detailed description, to interest potential buyers.

All the items they upload can be shared with offer with multiple people who can be interested in purchasing. They can see detailed information about the artwork including the history of ownership and current price. Those who aren’t registered get the link to the item by email.

The main feature of the app is that all transactions can be done inside the app. This is very convenient and saves a lot of time and lets you avoid unfair taxes.

App Capabilities

  • Inventory
  • Arts Item’s Searching
  • Artwork Details
  • Pricing & History
  • Offer & Invoice Sending
  • Transaction History


Inventory is a screen where you can see all the artwork you added to your account. If you are the lucky owner of many items there’s a filter for a better search.

Two tabs let you sort the results by the date or by the name. Also, if you need a more specific search you can set the filters to show you artworks of a certain type, artists, collectors or dealers.

Artwork Details

Every artwork has an “artwork details” screen with important information about the item: photo, name, object type, creation date, used materials, dimensions, a number of sent offers, and provenance, that includes the history of owners.

You can edit the information anytime. From this screen, you can send offers to the people who can be interested in this artwork. Or send an invoice, when people made up their mind about buying artwork.

Transaction History

It’ always important to track all the deals you have made. In Adenity mobile application you can check the transaction history at any time you want. There you can find all the items you sold or purchased.

Business Benefits

The process of creating, searching and screening of the necessary reports took a considerable amount of seller’s time and customer time.

The app allows to optimize the work with customers and enable sellers to pick up the best options without missing any essential detail.

Technology Stack and Instruments


  • 4 iOS Developers
  • Web Developer
  • 2 QA Specialists
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android Developer


  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance

Languages & Tools:

  • iOS – Swift
  • Design – Figma, Miro

Scope of Work

  • 53 – screens
  • 4000 – hours
  • 10 – people


James Kantor
President, Adenity

It was a challenge for me and ANODA team to get this app done in tight terms. We failed deadline twice because of third party services support. I asked the team to concentrate on research and find a replacement for Dwolla service. Thanks to Oksana and Vladimir to get it done, for late night calls with service’s support team and huge research. I thought it will be much simpler and cheaper to do app.

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