iOS mobile application for those who belong to the art world. It’s a platform for direct purchase and sale of art objects. Provides history on every item, approximate price for selling, ability to send offers.

Adenity is an iOS mobile application developed for art owners and those who wish to purchase art. To make the selling process much easier for them, owners can upload artwork with a detailed description meant to interest potential buyers. All the items they upload can be shared with multiple people who are interested in purchasing. The interested parties can see detailed information about the artwork, including the history of ownership and current price. Those who aren’t registered will receive a link to the item via email. The main feature of the app is that all transactions can be done inside the app. This is very convenient and saves a lot of time and lets you avoid unfair taxes. It’s quite an interesting project for our iOS app developers








The Inventory is a screen where you can see all the artwork you have added to your account. If you are the lucky owner of many items, there’s a filter you can apply for ease of searching. Two tabs let you sort the results by date or by name. You can set the filters to show you artwork of a certain type or from a certain artist, collector, or dealer.


Every artwork has an “artwork details” screen with valuable information about the item: photo, name, object type, creation date, used materials, dimensions, number of sent offers, and provenance, including the ownership history. You can edit the information anytime. From this screen, you can send offers to the people who have expressed interest in this artwork. You can also send an invoice when people have made up their mind about buying.


It’s always important to track all the deals you have made. In the Adenity mobile application, you can check your transaction history at any time you want. There, you will find all the items you have sold or purchased.