ANODA Turn Timer

No more arguing about the time during games with ANODA Turn Timer. Set the duration of turn or round. Gives a sound when the turn has ended. Own iOS application created for a pleasant game experience.

You know there are always debates about the turn time while playing games. Often, this can make best friends implacable enemies. We’ve seen a lot of it! But there will be no more situation like that with this app created by us – ANODA iOS and Android development agency. To make the game timer even better, we have added an awesome feature. You can set the time before the end of a round to notify that the turn is about to expire. This app is super easy to use and that makes it a flawless mobile application to use during table or other games.

ANODA Turn Timer is our own open source app with code shared on GitHub. We created this mobile app using Swift3 programming language for our own use. But also to demonstrate our code to the world.








The timer screen is designed in the colors of our company – white and orange. It has a huge pie-chart countdown that acts as the Reset button. Because of the timer size, everybody can clearly see how the time is going during the game. For reasons of convenience, the timer style is digits and not arrows, so it’s easy to see how many seconds are left until the end of a round.


Here you can set the time of the round and time of the beep before the round ends. Settings screen is created considering all UX rules to make it super easy to operate.


iOS Developer

Oksana Kovalchuk

UI Designer

Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance

Sergey Chabanuck
Igor Zgonnik

Release Date

September 16, 2017