The Boat Inspection iPad application is intended for a company that provides pre-purchase boat inspections. The app facilitates inspection process, from insurance surveys, pre-purchases to engine only, with pre-purchase being the most comprehensive you will come across.

The process of pre-sale inspection of boats and yachts is crucial for a successful transaction and goodwill in general. Each report should be witnessed of a boat or yacht quality meanwhile be easy-to-interpret and exhaustive. The process of creating, searching and screening of the necessary reports took a considerable amount of boat seller’s time and customer time.

We solve this issue of our customer, developed an iPad app facilitates the boat inspection process. The BoatBuy app makes report generating is very prompt, precise and informative as well as enables sharing PDF files with a potential client easier. With the reporting app, you can optimize the work with customers and enable your sellers to pick up the best options for clients without missing any essential detail.

The owner of BoatBuy made the right decision to hire an iOS developer to create flawlessly app for inspections.







Secure Authorization

Sign Up and Sign In are basic features of a secure app. For registration, you should valid just four simple fields: First name, Last Name, Email, and Password.

Sign in with your email and password, in an instance of forgetting one reset it via a registered email. Plain and simple, but crucial for denying access to cloud files by unauthorized persons and bots!

My Report

“My Report” screen is the list of reports, sorted by date added. You can search required reports by name or browse any general information like boat model, production date, client name, etc.
At the list of My Reports displayed: type of boat/yacht, type of work, who inspection prepared for. You can view the report as a PDF file, duplicate, edit or delete them.

Custom Report

or Templates

Create a fully customizable report from scratch with all necessary fields and sections or just use one of the templates list or from the already created report, by copying it. All reports consist of required sections -“General” and “Defects”.

Each report structure is intended to be ease-to-interpret and comprehensive, no other way. Your customers will definitely get a thorough and complete boat analysis.

General Section

General Section is required and can’t be removed from the report or template in order for you to receive reports with a highly precise level. This section consist:

– Boat name and model
– Boat manufacturing – year
– Main photo and Cloud photos
– Inspection date and – Service history
– Result of Boat computer diagnostic
– Test Result

Defects section

This crucial section consists of a list of defects, notes, photo, search bar, filter and list of items.

All risk of defect is ranging by the following filters:
– High-risk defects
– Medium risk defects
– Low-risk defects

Share Report

Users are enabled to share a full report or send only “defects” sections of it by a few clicks. Choose full report or necessary part, addressee and send it with AirDrop, iOS Native Mail App, Gmail, etc.

Photo Editor

Real photos of a boat or yacht are the best proof of its high-level quality. However, they enable prove defects worth knowing by a customer.

You can easily edit a photo so you don ‘t miss any crucial details. With Photo Editor you can crop or rotate photos, add color arrows to focus on essential points.