Top mobile app to track your car’s expenses and plan long trips. Car Control application has access to all gas stations on your way and their gas prices. Calculates the most cheap scheme where and how much fuel to buy.

How much did you spend on gas last week? How much do you plan to spend on a car in the next month (yes, we are referring to the quarterly maintenance, refueling, and gas for a trip to the ocean)? The CarControl mobile application will help you not only keep track of your car expenses but also plan costs. Record your expenses on fuel, services, and repair, see reports, and plan your expenses. Also, CarControl helps you to build the very best route to your destination via good roads with the cheapest gas stations. It will even suggest you an amount of fuel to refill with at each gas station. It really works and saves money. The CarControl founder wanted to hire an iPhone app developer, so he asked us to bring this idea to life.








Start using the app by adding information about your car to your profile. Fill everything in about your car, starting with the license plate and ending with tank size. You can add your family members’ cars as well if you want to keep track of expenses on their vehicles. You can see cars’ profiles on the “My cars” screen, which also shows burned fuel, driven distance, and money-saving metrics.


It is always important to know what you spent your money on. The “Services” feature is just for that. Every time you spend money on a car service, you can submit the name of the service and the price in the app. This data is immediately saved to your profile. You can always go to the services screen to get detailed information about your car service expenses. You will always be aware of where the money went.


Always be in the know regarding your car situation with the CarControl app. The Statistics screen shows the total information about your car, like expenses on services, distance, and speed. To have a better understanding, you can see average indicators divided into weeks, months, or years.


Make your trip as economical as possible. Set the start and the end points of your journey and the CarControl application will show you several routes with calculated distance and approximate time of travel. As well, you will see all the gas stations on the way and information about their prices.