Collectable is the auction mobile app that sports collectors dreamed about. It has everything that this kind of app needs: search for current and past auctions, search for particular items, item tracking, wish list.

Let us introduce to you the most convenient mobile app for sports collectibles collectors that connects all auctions. The Collectable app includes all necessary features to be it. Search for the past auction to be aware, what items were sold and for the current to see what’s interesting, you can get there. Look for the items you want to add to your collection and add them to your wish list. Get notified when the items of your interest become available. This mobile app will automatically set the list of recommended collectibles based on your search, to make your collectors experience fantastic. For those don’t have specific needs Collectable app has cool feature – list of trending items.








On “Auctions” screen there is a list of all sports collectibles auctions, both past, and current. Every auction house has an ending date, whether it’s live or not, and three photos of random items.

You can find out detailed information about the auction house, get contact and follow to get notified about future auctions. By tapping the auction you liked you get the more detailed info about the auction, including the full list lots that are presented at the auction.


There are situations when you can’t get the desired item at the moment: not available, not on sale, not enough money. In that case, there’s a tracking feature in the Collectable app. It allows you to track the items you liked but not able to purchase it at the moment. Whenever the item becomes available you will be notified.


It’s nice to be aware of the items that are in the center of attention, isn’t it? That’s what “Trending Items” screen is for. If you want to check out those items, just visit that screen. You might be surprised, how many items there are you would love to add to your collection


Santa won’t bring you all the collectibles you wish to have, but it’s still a good idea to have the wishlist! So at any time you can view the list, see the availability of the item and fight for the ones you desire to own.


If your wishlist is empty, you are not tracking any items but a desire to expand your collection, the Collectable app got your back here with “Recommended Items” feature. Based on the items you viewed, like, tracked or bought app shows you the items you might like with a high degree of probability.


The “Items Details” screen shows you everything you need to know about the item: its photos, description, auction house it is currently selling, and current bid. If you are interested in bidding to get this item you can from this screen, you can get to the Auction House website.


iOS Developers

Simon Kostenko

Quality Assurance

Sergey Chabanuck

Release Date

January 15th, 2018