Task manager like no other for iOS devices. Has all the features of a great task application. Creation of tasks, control of their realization, setting a deadline, chats comments, calendar and other important capabilities.

Our client has tried many different task management mobile apps and understood that there is no perfect one. That’s why he came to us and asked us to create the very best task management mobile application for iPhone. CtrlDO is like Twitter, but for tasks. It’s useful for managing both your personal and your team’s daily microtasks, like “Buy coffee in office” or “Prepare sales report on Tuesday”. With CtrlDO you can do tasks yourself or assign them to your teammates. You may also control assigned tasks progress, discuss them in comments, and even attach files.








Every task has a description and type. There are two types of them. The ones that are long-term are called “Simple”. The urgent ones are called “Deadline”, and for those, you have to set a date for when it has to be finished. You set these indicators when you are creating tasks. On the last step of task creation, you can delegate it to somebody or assign it to yourself.


The DO tab shows you all the tasks you created for yourself or were assigned to you by others. There are two groups for assignments. One is for those that need to be done. The other one is for completed tasks. To be sure, there’ll be no misunderstanding there are two sections: Inbox for fresh tasks and Doing for those that are in process


On the CTRL tab, you see all the tasks you delegated, names of responsible people and the deadline. This mobile app is a convenient way to control the implementation of all the assignments you give.

The CTRL screen has five tabs inside: Sent, Doing, Declined, Done, and Failed. Sent is the screen for tasks you have sent. Doing is for those that are currently in process. Declined is for those rejected. Done is for successfully completed tasks. Failed is for those that haven’t met the deadline. With this system of tabs, you will always be aware of the current situation of the tasks.


CtrlDO fully supports offline mode and background synchronization. We have optimized network part to reduce traffic between the client and the server to make application more responsive and faster.