eLarium is a real assistant for teachers and educators. It’s e-learning platform that simplifies a learning process for both teachers and students during the outbreak of COVID-19. Mobile app for modern students, and web all-in-one-app for teachers.

Our customer is the owner of courses for professional development in over seven areas. Their primary focus was on offline education, live connect between students and teachers, personal control and mentoring, and all classic professional education methods.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, they’ve been searching for a new approach, but pandemic sped up and pushed them to change this approach immediately and create a complex platform that will connect all sides of the education process, and make it rapid and smooth.

Our collaboration started from in-depth business analysis and requirements gathering based on specifications, designs, and workshops. We’ve started developing an advanced web app for teachers and student, next iteration was building an easy-to-use iOS and iPad app for students, and Android is scheduled.









We aimed to create a simple, intuitive interface that helps teachers enhance their teaching process on numerous courses.

Our team decided that with a hot schedule, a ton of assignments and tests, teachers need air and more space for their thoughts and tasks. The advanced dashboard allows handling on all of the chaos teachers faced every day.



Remote professional education requests seamless communication between students and educators. Both mobile and web app have advanced features for chatting, where users can separate groups, direct and archived messages. Besides, teachers can divide chats with colleges, wards, and management.


and Reminders

Time-consuming lesson preparation, numerous tests and lectures, self-education conferences, and more others are ordinary teacher days. How don’t forget any crucial tasks, meetings, etc.? Faithful helpers as intuitive schedules and reminders don’t allow you to miss anything.

Video and

Media Materials

For teachers – there are place where they store all materials for lessons and self-development – docs, videos, tests, articles, notes, etc.
For students – mobile app for online courses that lets anyone discover a new sphere or level up their skills, whatever in marketing, coding, design, etc. And it’s all without ever leaving the couch.

Design Concept

The main inspiration for the mobile UI Design concept was the impulsiveness and versatility of modern society. So, we pick up synergy between warm and catchy colors and trigonometry shapes that encourages studying and accomplishing new wonders.

UI design for the web app should get all of the chaos teachers faced every day. Therefore, we chose calm colors and combined them with chaotic geographical elements.