Social network mobile app for service recommendations. Just what you need if you are looking for a job or a contractor. It can be any kind of services. With the Favorme app, you will never have problems with finding a high qualified contractor using your friend’s recommendations or finding a part-time job.

We all have demands. But often we have no idea where to find a person that will satisfy them. You may even have some talents of your own that you can offer, or even that you wish to do as your primary work, but you need some effective and cheap advertisement. The Favorme iOS mobile application is designed just for that. You know quite a few people, for sure. And you know what? They do too! Imagine how many people you have in your network who are only two handshakes away! What possibilities do they open up for you? Overall, Favorme is what you need if you are looking for a job or a contractor.








The “Abilities” screen of the app shows all the services that you, your friends, or your environment can provide. The ‘Abilities” screen is divided into three tabs. Under the “Friends” tab, you can see the services or products provided by your friends. The “Environment” tab shows products or services that are provided by friends of your friends. And the last tab is for your abilities. From the “Abilities” screen you can create a new ability that you offer.


Often, it’s hard to find someone who you need to do a certain job or to find a buyer for the services you offer. You can’t trust a stranger to do some job as well as you expect, or count on being able to sell something right away. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to find someone you need with the help of your friends and their friends. Here’s where the “New ability” feature will help. This screen allows you to submit a new ability: either a service or a product. There, you fill in the different blanks to describe your service. This includes title, description, photos, location, and privacy settings.


The “My Demands” screen shows the demands you have. You can also see the status of the demands on this screen: Either you have found a contractor or are still looking. There’s an opportunity to create a demand, as well. After submitting a demand, all friends you have in the Favorme mobile application will get a notification.


It is crucial for a social network mobile application to have an easy way to add friends or invite those who aren’t using the app. Favorme is excellent in this regard. There’s an option to invite your friends via Facebook – simply tap the appropriate button. A second way to add and find friends is using your contact list. Tap the “Find friends from address book” button and you are good to go.


On a person’s profile screen, you will see detailed information about the person. At the top of the screen, you can see their photo and their contacts. Below, you will see the total number of friends they have and the number of mutual friends between you. Next to that is the number of abilities a person provides. The most important part of the screen is below that. It’s the list of services. They have a short description, a couple of pictures, and the number of times this ability was “faved”.


iOS Developer

Oksana Kovalchuk

Android Developer

Eduard Matsukov

Backend Developer

Vladimir Grevtsev

UI Designer

Alex Zavrazhniy

Quality Assurance

Elena Milshina

Project Manager

Alex Zavrazhniy

Release Date

March 18, 2014