Meet the Uber for finding a fitness coach. Have time for the workout today? Find the gym, coach, connect with him, discuss the details, and book for the workout if everything is good.

We don’t all have the ability to plan our training in advance, whether it’s due to time or ability. This is when the sports mobile app FitTrain comes to the rescue. The mechanics are quite simple.

Athletes enabled to find the nearest gym within a budget and timeline as well as pick an available appropriate trainer for any workout. Trainers, in turn, can fill unbooked time due to a flexible schedule while competing by advanced profile with videos, useful posts, reviews, and achievements.

Our team has created a fast and easy to use an app, even on-to-go. Since at ANODA mobile development agency, we love sports, we enjoyed working on this app.








and Blog

Each experienced personal trainer or coach has developed a unique methodology and exercises set. In view of this, we enabled them to fully demonstrate their experience and benefits in profile.

You’re able blogging, create a video and image database with authoring exercises, receive reviews and ratings. We built a fitness app whose potential for a successful trainers’ competition you’d never even imagined.

Gym and

Trainer Search

If it’s always challenging for you to find time for a workout, then this app is for you. Have free for an hour or two? Find a gym that meets all your requirements: location, size, price, etc. Then switch to the search for an instructor registered with FitTrain.

After finding available trainers, evaluate their profiles, talk, and choose the ones that you liked best. Arrange to meet with them in the gym you have chosen and enjoy an effective workout. This is a real sports assistant to optimize your time management.



You can build a weekly schedule in profile to get out of overlays. Also, the application will avoid wasting time due to unbooked hours.

During the search for an appropriate trainer, first, the app will offer to user available trainers in the next couple of hours. You will be able to overcome rush hours easier and get customers in your free time. The best solution for the coach’s eternal problem.



Prior to booking a trainer, an athlete can talk with the coach and find out all workout’s point of interest.

Otherwise, you can keep in touch with standing customers or on the other part with your favorite trainers. The booking process will become more comfortable, advertising costs may be reduced while you’ll get more lucrative offers and advantages.



The FitTrain owner has discovered a new kind of fitness app that serves as an assistant to both trainers and busy athletes. Time and health are the primary human resources, and our client has found a way to use and monetize it properly.

We’ve found out the main issues, needs, and desires of users of the gyms and personal trainers. Therefore, the app is suitable for anyone.