Meet the Uber for finding fitness coach. Have time for the workout today? Find the gym, coach, connect with him, discuss the details, and book for the workout if everything is good.

We don’t all have the ability to plan our training in advance, whether it’s due to time or ability. This is when the sports mobile app FitTrain comes to the rescue. The mechanics are quite simple. Find a gym that meets all your requirements: location, size, price, etc. Then switch to the search for an instructor registered with FitTrain. After finding available trainers, talk and choose the ones that you liked best. Arrange to meet with them in the gym you have chosen and enjoy an effective workout. This is a fast and easy to use application. Since at ANODA mobile development agency we love sports, we enjoyed working on this app.








For the FitTrain sports application, we created wireframes, a screenmap, and documentation. It’s no secret that these have made a huge impact on app development; we made a foundation for it. These parts of mobile app development require scrupulous work, a creative mind, and significant attention to detail. We have all of that, and as a result we have made a great job. We made wireframes in OmniGraffleand documentation in Confluence.


Business Analysis

Elena Milshina

UI Designer

Olga Uzhikova

Quality Assurance

Evgeniya Zagorcha

Project Manager

Oksana Kovalchuk

Release Date

August 10, 2016