Meet the amazing mobile app for real estate participants: investors, realtors, and homebuyers. Great tool to save an important information about viewed property. Access to your property reviews in one click.

If you are in any way involved in real estate, the HomeNotes application is a must-have for you. Add basic information about one or more properties: address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, and many other options. While viewing the houses, you can take notes and pictures to review later. All info is instantly saved to your profile and available to you at any time via a computer or smartphone. This gives you quick access to the details of the property while showing the house to a potential buyer if you are the realtor, or it helps you to keep structured details about the houses you have viewed. You really won’t believe how much this app will ease your real estate experience. Our iOS app developers and Android app developers did a great job on this project.








It’s never been easier to find information about the house you’re interested in. Every time you add a property, you enter the data: address, quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms, size, price. All the submitted information populates a list on the “My properties” page with the characteristics you have specified, including address. It will take you no time to find what you need.


Every property you add has a card with three blocks: list of rooms, property notes, and property photos. Submit all the notes and pictures about every room in the house. Add as many rooms as you need. Save the notes and pictures of the house in general. Then rate the property. All these features make it possible to keep information about each house well-structured, and ensure that you will find what you need in no time.


We all know that our opinion of a room or house’s appearance can change after a second look. Take pictures of anything in the house you need to capture and place them on the appropriate card. Now all the photos for this property can be found in the same place. This is very convenient when you want to see all the pictures and remember all the details of a house later.


After visiting dozens of properties, it can be hard to track which ones were better or worse. This is when the rating feature of the HomeNotes application comes in handy. Rate every house you viewed. You won’t go crazy trying to remember which houses you liked most anymore! Furthermore, you can see the rating of the property on the “My properties” page.