Way to perfect shape is always challenging, but a personal health coach in your pocket helps you achieve it as well as maintain your result. Calorie counter, custom meal planner, pedometer, and social&supportive fitness community in the all-in-one app.

Magra’s owner became to us with a brilliant idea of an app that helps make sustainable changes that improve health and happiness. The main idea was to simplify the stressful process of losing weight and developing healthy habits. As a result of our close cooperation, we created a product with which any user can receive maximum support and parting words from a personal trainer and a supportive fitness community.

Sport and health lifestyle is our passion, so we fully plunged into the development of this novel fitness mobile application for iOS right from the beginning. The owner of Magra made the right decision by choosing ANODA mobile development agency as a reliable tech partner.








Our personal challenge was to develop convenient UX and appealing UI that would inspire users, give a feeling of calm and confidence, and set an energetic tone for the entire way of losing weight.

We aimed to build a ”one-size-fits-all” solution, as losing weight is a highly subjective process. So we studied the app’s target audience and developed a cutting-edge solution within their expectations, challenges, and desires.



With the advanced profile, any personal trainer gains the power to develop custom fitness and diet plan. You should just set up your gender, age, height, weight, goal weight, the time you wake up, and activity level.

Moreover, if you daily update your results, the coach will touch up your data-based program for the best achievements.

Daily Timeline

The coach will guide users through a custom structured plan. So, for effective cooperation, we enable users to mark all kinds of sports activities and meals, from water to snacks, in the timeline. The coach will monitor daily results and reach out when users need it.

Always In-Touch

Support and professional guideline is a core value of Magra’s app. Coach always keeps an eye on all daily submitting data by user and share healthy tips and tricks to gain control of the nutrition. With instant messages and notifications, the trainer is always in-touch.

Moreover, users gain support not only from a coach but also from people, who are daily faced with similar challenges.


Meal Plans

The app contains numerous menu sets taking into account the most common issues and preferences of people that have taken the path of losing weight. Users can choose a ready-made plan, or else the trainer develops an individual one.

In the Magra’s app were added plans such as the flat stomach, low-carb or low cholesterol, vegetarian, detox, within your blood type, etc.

Healthy Habits

With Magra’s app, there are no longer “I forget to eat”. Instant notification and real-time communication with the trainer enable users to form numerous healthy habits and get control of your nutrition and workouts.

Likewise, users will learn to think healthy during shopping using shop-lists, recipes, and tips from the trainer and supportive community.