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Taking care of your health has never been so easy and smooth. Get the best clinic and best doctors in a few taps, tell them your story in a chat and get instant consultation before you even visit the clinic.

Mobile Patient

Anyone who would like to get professional advice can go through a simple registration and onboarding process and search for the best clinic in a neighborhood. The app provides a variety of options with all the certificates, documents and reviews for each therapist in a clinic.

General Styles

As a main colour it was important to select something clean and heath-related. What could be better than teal?
Lightweight palettes with small vibrant accents and smooth lines create a feeling of comfort we reached for.

The challenge was to locate necessary features on one small phone page. The decision was made quickly – modal view, tiles and tabs!

App Capabilities

  • Therapist
  • Clinic View
  • Treatments
  • Health Data
  • Patients
  • Entrance & Chat


The Search feature is designed according to the UI/UX guidelines. All the doctors have a profile, and it is quite challenging to locate all the elements there. We selected tabs as a solution here to give a user full information about education, recessions and actual results of a doctor.

Clinic View

The main idea was to show all important information, but we have no right to overload the page! How can we do that?
Light colors and color accents, partial views and tiles helped us to arrange a dreadful amount of information and features on the page and the eyes are not overloaded.


We should give full information of all the treatments of a patient with before/after images and actual scheme of procedures and injections. To visualize that we created a separate page that displays a face or any other body part of a patient with a treatment scheme on it.

Simple forms that help a therapist to assign any treatment to the patient and autocomplete when possible can help with filling in all the documentation a lot. We want to reduce the time the user spends on writing all the data to the minimum.

Health Data

All the informational pages are arranged in tiles, the main information we should have emphasis on is highlighted with the colour of the tile, which brings eye to it and helps us to keep the user concentrated on the important things.


All the patient info visual organization is structured in a way that is the most suitable for perception. All the important blocks are highlighted and distinguished. Simple, obvious and, the most important, native navigation will take the user to any other info block.

Entrance & Chat

Registration process is simple enough and designed via modal view for better usability. Neat illustration added a more personalized view to the pages and acted as a visual guide. Simple chat screens encompass all the style decisions made before.

Technology Stack and Instruments


  • 2 iOS Developers
  • 2 Android Developers
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • 2 Front-end Developers
  • 2 Back-end Developers


  • Product Brainstorming
  • Wireframing
  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web version Development
  • Admin panel Development

Languages & Tools:

  • iOS – Swift, Combine
  • Design – Figma, Miro
  • Android – Kotlin, Koin
  • Web – React, Node.js

Scope of Work

  • 120+ – screens
  • 4000 – hours
  • 12 – people

Team Says

ANODA Agency

Healthcare is one of our strengths, but even when you are strong at something, you always can be better This project became a challenge for us and we did our best to overcome it and make the world and people's lives better. We worked tirelessly, our entire team - designers, business analysts and, of course, developers. We are very happy that we were able to bring this project to life!

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