Most comfortable mobile application for meetings. Create a schedule of the meeting, add comments, and set the time for every block. During the meeting MeetMate app shows you what block are you on and how much time you have for it.

Organizing a meeting is hard work. You need to create a good plan so that the meeting will be productive. The MeetMate mobile application was designed just for that. This app lets you create a meeting with an established time frame. To make a detailed plan of the meeting, the application contains a feature allowing you to create an agenda consisting of blocks. To prevent uncontrolled discussions that protract the meeting time, the app has a sound signal that notifies the end time of a block. Interesting project for our iOS apps developers team








The home screen of the MeetMate app has a list of planned meetings with essential information. On the creation screen, you can set the date of an upcoming meeting, primary objectives, and a start and end date.


The agenda creation system is designed to make your upcoming meeting super effective. Add agenda items with details: topic, duration, priority, and the notes that describe what a given block is about. While adding agenda items, you will see the time bar of the meeting fill up. You’ll have to use your time wisely and add only important topics. Don’t forget to plan the coffee breaks if your meeting is quite long! When you have assigned all the available time allotted for the meeting, you’ll see the button “Start the meeting.”


As soon as you push the “Start the meeting” button, the timer for the meeting will start running. Until the end of the meeting, the screen of your smartphone will be showing the agenda items with a description and the time left for that block. If you are getting ahead of the schedule, simply tap the “Up next” button below to switch to the next topic. You don’t have to worry about missing the schedule since the MeetMate mobile application has alerts.


This screen will make your meeting beyond effective. Here you can turn on or off different settings for the app. Smart watch – this adjusts time whenever you are running over or under time. Alerts – vibrates and beeps when the time for an agenda item is up. Keep screen on – makes sure the screen of your smartphone remains on for the duration of the meeting.


iOS Developers

Oksana Kovalchuk
Viacheslav Obremskiy

Quality Assurance

Elena Milshina

Release Date

March 27, 2015