Outingz (WEB)

A desktop app that simplifies event management. The Outingz mobile app prompts you with whom and how to spend an evening, a weekend, or even a vacation while the CMS provides admins of this platform with a simple and advanced method of management and ticketing.

Outingz founder came to us with an awesome idea about innovative entertainment mobile app, but also they need a high-quality website. It’s evident that our client also wanted high-quality tools for managing content.

Ease-of-use and flexibility were essential considerations for our customer. In close cooperation, we developed a custom Content Management System that simplifies content maintenance and accelerates site performance. Another high priority was an emplacement of their personality, uniqueness, clear call to action, and a good experience for both users and team members handling content entry.









Each event is unique, so admin has all tools and fields that help to make each post brightly. Visual is all in the modern world, so admin can add high-quality photo and videos, eye-catching title and event description, choose a category for easy navigation and hashtags for event promotion.

And how without crucial event details – address, timeline, event duration, price, and more other. Admin chooses it all in a few minutes due to an intuitive interface. Event management is simple with a few authors, so they can easily chat and solve any issues.



Company growth and extend their staff is a cool signal, but behind these are the process of onboarding and bring new employees up to date. So, the process of adding new employees with custom CMS is smooth and takes only few steps. Admin also can manage all responsibilities of team members.

Moreover, CMS speeds the delivery of information to users and community and securely extends the content production team. After all, the main task of Outingz is to unite people and give them a fun pastime.


The primary mission for the Outingz platform besides uniting and entertainment of people is a sold-out for each event. Sales don’t grow on their own, so Outingz CMS helps the admin to boost control of the sales progress and the sales team activity due to daily reports.

Gross sales and progress of tickets sold are the core metrics for the sales team, so they can track it in real-time. Depends on sold growth, they can choose proper ticketing status and a custom message to foster audience interest. QR-code is the simplest tool for auto check-in, and of course, we added it.



Using custom CMS, the Outingz team have a visually rich, flexible, and user-friendly website that makes it easy for users to find entertainment for evening or weekends. Equally, CMS makes it easier for team members the content and community management and speeds up communicating and collaborating with users and each other.

So, we did it! We transform a simple idea due to hard work into three awesome products – mobile app, website, and custom CMS. We rave about Outingz founder choose ANODA software development agency to realize such a cool project.