Have you ever been sat at home, thinking about going out? Outingz is an app that helps you decide where to go and find people to go with you. Assemble a group, choose an activity and have fun!

What is it?

Outingz app will definitely put an end to the lonely nights at home. Whenever you feel like going somewhere and having no one to go with, Outingz got your back. Select an activity, clarify the time, write the invitation comment and you are good to go!

Sit back and wait for people to join you. Not feeling organizing group? No problems. Select preferred activity and join one of the groups there. With the outing mobile application, you will always find a company to attend any kind of event from food festival to rock concert.

App Capabilities

  • Activity Selection
  • Events Feed
  • Invitations
  • Chatting
  • Joining to Group
  • Create/Response to Posts

Activity Selection

This is where your journey to the fun begins. Select the activity you feel like doing; the range is pretty wide: from Leisure games and exhibition and art to music and nightlife. If you have not entirely made up your mind, choose several activities and explore the available outing based on your choice.


This screen shows all outing that can be interesting to you. There are four tabs to categorize outings: All, My likes, Invites, My outings. All Outings that previously saved go to the “My Likes”. “Invites” tab shows you the outings that your friends shared with thinking that they could be interesting for you.

On the “My Feed” screen “My Outings” tab contains outings that you responded to. As for the first one – “All” tab – there you can see all Outings that you interacted in that or another way.


Outings screen has to tabs: “Explore” and “My outings”. The second tab shows you the outings that you created. From there you can see how many people responded to your outing, accept or decline responses and chat with people interested in your outings. On “Explore” tab you can view the outing created for an activity you chose.

Create Outing

If you are feeling to be a leader of the group then you creating an outing is your choice. Select activity (an event that you want to attend), identify who will be paying, time for the activity and invitation comment. After you create an outing, it appears in the list of particular activity. That’s it. Watch people responding to your outing and prepare to have a great time at the event.

View Outing

There are two “View Outing” screens: the one you created and Outing created by someone else. When you look at your Outing, you see the general description of the event and the responses to it. If you view somebody else Outing, except for the event details you see three options to interact with it: save, respond and share. Save is to add the outing to “My Likes” and check it out later.

Respond gives you the ability to chat with the creator and discuss details. Share lets you share the Outing in your social accounts or via email to let your friends know about it. Once you responded and the creator accepted it, you’ll get an ability to open chat with the creator.

Response Details

On “Response Details” screen you see the information about the person who responded to your Outing: name, age, “about myself” text and comment your Outing. From here you can open a chat with a person if you want him/her to join you or reject the response by clicking “Unmatch” response.

Technology Stack and Instruments


  • 2 iOS Developers
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Python Developer


  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • iOS Development
  • Back-end Development

Languages & Tools:

  • iOS – Swift
  • Design – Figma, Miro
  • Back-end – Python

Scope of Work

  • 49 – screens
  • 1500 – hours
  • 7 – people


Sharone Zehavi
Founder, Outingz

"The team was knowledgeable and timely." The team released on schedule and within the specified budget. Both knowledgeable and pragmatic, they knew to not over-promise on deliverables.

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