Wedding planning is not a nightmare with the Planestry wedding mobile application. Determine the budget of your event, keep the track of all your expenses, look for vendors available in your area and keep in touch with them at one place.

Wedding planning is a mind-blowing process that requires lots of nerves. Planestry mobile application structures all the communication activities in one place – your smartphone. This takes the endless calls away from you and takes the communication to the comfortable chats. You have all the information about the wedding in one app. So, there’s no need to look through dozens of notes to find the ones that belong to preparation.

This wedding application will turn your planning from madness to a pleasant process. Get information about the vendors on hand. It was a pleasure to be that mobile app development company that designed such an awesome mobile application. Every iOS apps developer would be happy to take part in developing such an app.








With all wedding craziness, you might forget the most important things. Home screen doesn’t let you forget basic information about the wedding: established budget, number of guests, place of the wedding, and date. Also, there’s an “our budget” cell that leads to a page with all planned and potential expenses. In one click from the home page, you can go to vendor chats and vendor search.


“Our budget” screen of this wedding planner is your savior during preparations. There’s all the information you need to know about the current state of things. Which vendors you have booked, what is not planned at the moment, budget situation, and cost of every vendor.

Depending on the state of the service you have different options. If you booked the vendor, you can message him, cancel the booking, or watch other available vendors. If you still haven’t made up your mind with the vendor you can browse available propositions in your area with the price lower than you set up. Also, you can add the vendor if you found him outside of the mobile application.


Finding a good vendor of wedding services could be a real headache, especially if you are the first one among your friends getting married. Planestry gives you a convenient vendor search divided into the categories: venue, caterers, flower decorators, music bands, photography, and other. Look through the vendors and check their profiles.


On the vendors’ profiles, you see basic information about them: name, website, and description. From here you have several options: request more information about them, message them, or send the booking request if you made up your mind. Also, you can mark the vendor as a favorite and later find a chat with them on the chat screen of the app.


Same as you can see the vendors, they can view the couples who are planning the wedding in their area. If they are interested, they can send you the proposal of their services with the estimated budget. You have four options: start chatting, request more info, revise price, or decline the proposition.


Can you imagine how much time you spend looking for the vendors’ phone numbers and messages from them? This problem will become extinct with Planestry wedding application. All chats with vendors are located on one page. For a convenient search, you can use filters to see chats only with vendors that provide a particular kind of service. Moreover, there are two extra tabs – favorites and bookmarks – to cut from the list vendors with whom you are not going to communicate. All these app features will help you find the chat you need in a couple of taps