Prana Heart

Meditation mobile app of your dreams. Choose the meditation that will fit your emotional state the most. In addition to all meditation features you can set the schedule of meditations and add them to your calendar. Also Prana Heart can be synchronized with Apple Health.

Prana Heart is a fantastic iPhone application for your meditation experience. This app has an enormous collection of music for meditation practice that is constantly updated. Every music track has the specific purpose. It’s up to you to choose the music track suitable for after work relaxation, better sleep, get rid of anxiety, etc.

If you are planning to meditate on a regular basis, you don’t have to keep in mind when to practice with Prana Heart app – all you have to is ti set reminders. A unique feature of the Prana Heart is an ability to connect with Apple Health. The app tracks your activity in the app and adds data to the Mindfulness section of the Apple Health. You can also use this application offline.








“My Profile” screen shows all the essential information about your meditations. One of the most important things on that screen is a number of meditations you follow, and the total minutes you spend on meditation. There you can see collections of meditations. Those that you looked through and those you marked as “Favorite”. Therefore from “My profile” screen, you have the ability to set reminders for meditations.


On the “Reminders” screen you can set reminders for as many meditations as you want. Set the time, repeats and the title of the alarm. On top of that, you can add the reminders to your iPhone calendar.


“Home Screen” of Prana Heart meditation mobile application is the heart of the app. There you can see the list of recommended music tracks for meditation. Most of them have the titles that describe their purpose. From there with just one click on the music track you are taken to the music player.


Authors in the Prana Heart meditation app for iPhone are the people who uploaded their music tracks for meditations. On the “Author” screen you can see author’s name, a number of followers, a quantity of his track listens and meditations. As well you, if you liked the author you can start following him and get notifications if he uploads new music. Most importantly there are all the meditation music tracks author has uploaded


It is really annoying when you have to look for your favorite meditation music tracks every time you open an app. “Prana Heart” app doesn’t have such a problem. Every track you like you mark and they go to you “My Favorites” collection. So every time you plan to meditate you would find the right track very fast


Search helps in finding mediation suitable for you. Simply type in “yoga”, “meditation”, “work”, etc. And you will get the list of music tracks that meet your needs. Or you can search track by the author name