A unique app that gives you precious time with your children and family. Parents can bring stories to life with additional sounds that respond to voice. Reading becomes a unique experience for kids.

Readmio’s owner has a delightful idea and mission – to help families be together. He was seeking a team of iOS and Android app developers to boost his in-house team, and we really appreciate being a part of such a glorious project.

In close cooperation, we are building an app that:
– Allow teaching children with fairytales;
– Connect parents with kids;
– Simplify the process of seeking a new exciting book;
– Instills a love of books with gamification elements.

We aimed to create an intuitive and simple UI design to attract children of all ages to pore over numerous illustrations and learn new sounds. Besides, in collaboration with the customer’s team, we’re developing the app that is convenient to use offline as well as to create and record own stories.







New Stories

The main screen represents a feed with new books for the week, month, and later. Parents always have a dozen fresh exiting stories for kids in a pocket.

Each fairytale consists of appealing illustrations. UI Design was created for parents and kids convenience taking into account eye health. So, there are night and day modes and adjustment of brightness and font size.


Your Category

All books are organized into various categories like an age to make it easy for parents to find the best stories to tell. Also, there are categories as most popular, editors pick, stories about animals, folk tales, and coming soon collection.

It will be enough for parents to download books and use them offline with no hassle. Besides, users can delete a book if they consider a fairy tale unsuitable for their children or even print any book. They can print a full text or favorite range.



We support the customer’s in-house team in introducing voice recognition technology. Whereby parents should just read the story a bit aloud and let the magic happen. In other words, while the user reads a story, the app recognizes their voice and plays the sounds and music at the very right moment.

So, users don’t need to push any button, their voice is the trigger. Of course, if parents don’t want additional sounds, they can turn off their microphone and enjoy the time with the kids.

My Library

“My library” screen is a place for a collection of books and stories that users have started to read. All stories and books that they open and save will be here and waiting for them and their kids. Therefore, parents won’t get confused when their children ask them to continue reading exciting stories.

This app can help parents to instill a love of books for their children by gamification elements. It means that kids can get achievements and control how many minutes you’re reading jointly, how many books are started, and finished.


an Author

As a result of close cooperation with the second team, the app has “Experiment mode”. Parents can experiment and became an author of their own stories. The user is enabled to record new fairy tales by voice with added effects.

Download sound package, change the sound frequency level and use them as an effect for a more exciting reading process. Also, the author can choose intro, outro, and background music to enhance the process of immersion in the fairy tales’ world. The sounds play when the user reads the highlighted word in the text if the book has a VOSK model.



ANODA’s team support Readmio’s owner in realizing their fantastic mission – to help families be together. We took into account all the needs of children and parents – gamification elements and, of course, eye health.

Group of beta testers has already appreciated the app and give to our client the central reviews – from little users that become real book adores. Close cooperation with the second team and deep insight into the product requirements helped our team deliver an app for parents and kids with clear and efficient features sets.