ShiftMe mobile app is one of a kind. The ShiftMe mobile app is unique. For companies who employ shift workers, ShiftMe opimizes the whole process, allowing them to fill open shifts easily. Must have for companies where employees work by shifts.

ShiftMe mobile application will solve all problems that connected with organizing shift substitutions. With this app, it will be much easier to do, and what’s great there will be a minimum effort from managers to finding employees to fill released shift. They’ll be searching, applying and posting Shifts themselves. It is a fantastic time saver!

ShiftMe app has three flows – Employer (CEO, COO, Director, founder, etc.), Manager and Employee. All of them have a different functionality of the app. Employer creates an organization and locations, assign managers and add employees. A manager can allow workers from a Location or other locations to pick up Shifts so that Manager can more effectively staff a location. Also, Manager post shifts and approves Employee’s request. An employee can post his own Shifts for others.









Find shift is a homepage for Employee. Here employee can find all open Shifts from different locations of an organization that he can take. Every Shift has info of who is in need (barista, waiter, cook, etc.), address, date and time of shift. If an employee is interested in Shift by tapping on Shift, he gets to “Shift Details” screen with detailed information.

Also, a person can go to the “Location Details” screen. To take the shift employee has to tap on “Pick Up Shift” and wait for Manager’s or Employer’s approval.


“Shifts” screen shows all shifts related to the user filtered through four tabs: “Past” (completed or canceled), “Upcoming” (Pending requests, approved, released), “Denied”, and “My Shifts” (Available, Approved, Released, Completed, Canceled and Expired). From every tab by tapping on any Shift user can see detailed information about a shift.


If Employee knows that he won’t make it to work, he can add Shift by tapping “+” on “Find Shift” screen. There Employee should specify shift duration and start time, location, position and Shift details. Shift duration, start and end time of the Shift


Employer is the only one who can create one or several organizations. On My Organization screen Employer can see all details about the organization including a number of managers, locations, and employees and view all their profiles. Also, he can create Locations and add managers and employees. They accept an invitation by scanning unique QR code sent by Employer.



This screen is a home screen for Manager and Employer. It displays general info: Position, Employee’s Name, Employee’s profile photo, Shift time, Shift Location. By tapping on Shift, Manager\Employer goes to “Approve Shift” with detailed information.

Depending on what decision Manager/Employer will make there are different chains of screens will appear. If Manager/Employer taps Approve he we will be taken to “Shift Started” where Manager/Employer can tap “Ok” and come back to Home Screen. As well an Employee who took a shift can be rated. If Manager/Employer taps “Deny” then he’s taken to Reason screen where he chooses the reason of Denial.


Shift Tab for Manager/Employer displays all Shifts Picked up or posted by Employees, Managers or Employer. Shifts are displayed with Employee’s name, Shift Date and time, Shift Location and Shift Status.”Shifts” screen has three tabs: Past Shifts (Closed, Cancelled, Expired), Upcoming Shifts (Approved or Pending Approval), and Posted Shifts (Available).

The difference with Employee Flow “Shifts Screen” is that Manager/Employer can edit cancel shifts and edit even the ones that were created by Employees.


“Location” screen has all the information about the company’s place: Name, description, address, work hours, phone number, website and reviews of employees. Only “Employer has the rights to edit locations or create new. The company can create as many locations as it has. All created Locations are available in the list and can be chosen to create new shift.