Ship Mate is voted #1 cruise app with 2 million downloads.

The Ship Mate mobile app is designed to take cruise travel comfort to another level. When planning the cruise, search for the perfect itinerary among more than 100K options using cruise finder. Ship and port reviews and app users’ pictures will help you make the final decision. While on the cruise you can track exactly where you are, what to visit in the nearby port, and who you are sailing with. On top of that Ship Mate has deep integration with offline features, like deck’s cameras and excursion tickets.

17 Included Cruise Lines: Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, MSC, Oceania, P&O, Cunard, Paul Gauguin, Regent Seven Seas, SeaDream, Thomson Cruises, Windstar, and Viking Ocean Cruises.

You can read coverage and reviews of the Ship Mate app on Los Angeles TimesMashableMediaPostNBC NewsThe Dish Daily, and Cruise International.

Making this cross-platform application was an amazing experience. We are happy that app developers from ANODA mobile development agency, are the ones who brought this app to the world.




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Choosing a cruise is hard – the route, size of the ship, it’s class, duration, and date. You can go nuts in the process, but not with Ship Mate’s Cruise Finder. With more than 100K itineraries, advanced filters, and easy navigation, you’ll be surprised how fast you will pick the perfect cruise.


It’s a great feeling of waiting for something joyful: Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary… Ship Mate’s countdown timer adds one more to the list — Cruise liner departure. It can be displayed anywhere: inside the app, on the Apple Watch, and notification center widget.


Imagine how awesome it will be to know every single detail about your cruise. This is the reality with the Ship Mate cruise application. Inside is a detailed review of every cruise ship and all necessary information about ports, both before and during the travel.


How do you make a travel app awesome? Give people on the same tour a convenient way to communicate. It has never been so easy to ask cruise neighborhoods about their impressions and recommendations. It’s a very comfortable way to find new friends.


You probably know how huge cruise ships are and it’s easy to get lost. No worries with this cruise app! It has complete plans of decks of all cruise ships. You will always find a way to the restaurant, pool, theatre, or any other location of the cruise ship. Always be aware of where the party is with access to the decks’ cams through the app


Having information about where you are is always a pleasure, even if you can’t really do anything about it. You can view the ship’s position on the map in real time


It’s not a secret that we have more trust in human’s photos from vacations than companies’ professionally retouched ad materials. Review photos from cruises of app users and get true information to make a decision about your travel.


ShipMate is a huge application with rich functionality. It stays in the same row with Facebook by complexity. Yeah, our app developers did an excellent job. ShipMate contains more than 80 separate complex screens (for comparison, the average mobile app has about 10 separate screens), that require extremely high development and management skills to support it.

ShipMate backend is powered by, it’s the biggest Parse app in the world.

The story about developing this app will be incomplete without a paragraph about the user interface. There were two huge challenges: cloning the functionality of Facebook’s feed and making it fast as thunder — true 60 FPS scrolling with no lags at all. We made all newsfeed UI completely asynchronous with off-screen rendering, with a lot of CALayer optimization. And as a result, we can say — time spent on that was worth it!

ShipMate bundle contains iOS Notification Center Widget and Apple Watch Application. It was one of the first applications on Apple Watch.

In the end Ship Mate turned out to be a super successful app with over 2 million downloads. What can we say? Founders made a right choice when they decided to hire app developers from ANODA Mobile Development Agency


We used next tools while developing ShipMate:

  • Backbone: ANBaseDomainModel, ANHelperFunctions, ANCategories, ANStorage, ANTableController, ANTableViews, ANLogger, ANColorTheme, ANProgressButton — all these libraries are created by ANODA, released under MIT license and published on GitHub. Also, we used ParseSDK, DeviceUtil, AFNetworking.
  • UI: FrameAccessor, SVProgressHUD, Masonry, MSSPopMasonry.
  • Testing: Reveal-iOS-SDK, Fabric, Crashlytics, CocoaLumberjack, Rollbar.
  • Database: FastEasyMapping, MagicalRecord.
  • Multimedia: PBJVision.
  • CoreData
  • REST
  • Real-time chat with group chatrooms
  • Facebook-like newsfeed
  • Facebook AsyncKit
  • True 60 FPS scrolling


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our Ship Mate users are saying.
“Just want to let you guys know that I love, love, love this app! I’m going on my 5th carnival cruise in January and then 6th in April and I love every aspect of this app! Thank you so much for keeping up the great work!”
– Rachel J.

“Your app was invaluable during this cruise, to record excursions etc. I have since recommended it to many friends, who are equally delighted with it as I am.”
– Julie D.

“I really appreciate the countdown board and all of the other cool features your app offers regarding port tips.Thank you for doing what you do!”
– Angie B.


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UI Designer
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