The app for IoT-enabled cardio equipment allows full track control, easy management of modes, intensity, and performance. Users get more effective training activities due to a data-driven workout plan.

Our customer has come to us with the idea of developing an app for smart treadmills that adjust to every runner based on his or her personal characteristics. Treadmills were just the start of our collaboration, and later the app became cross-functional for all cardio sports equipment. We’ve built a fitness app for full track control, health monitoring, and custom data-driven workout plans.

The owner of SmartCardio recognized the huge potential of the IoT app for runners and athletes of all strides, leaving the competitors far behind. We were wholly immersed in the project right from the beginning. The customer made the right decision to hire Anoda mobile development agency to create a unique fitness app.








During developing an app for smart treadmills, the main point for us was the robust and secure real-time data transfer. We’ve engineered the IoT mobile app for iOS and Android that connected to a treadmill via Bluetooth and transferred data between the treadmill and the server.

Otherwise, our main goals were:
– Seamless synchronization with wearable app
– Creation of an intuitive and usable on-to-go design
– Building a cross-functional app for all cardio sports equipment


track control

The app can completely replace the display of the treadmill. Athletes may choose necessary modes, speed, intensity, performance as well as manage health indicators and track progress.

If you hide the app, then at the notification toolbar you can always control the remaining time, pace, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.


workout plan

Runner or any athlete should fill the standard fields of individual characteristics, goals, weak spots, and the app offers the most suitable modes and programs for training.

Due to IoT technology app collects data about your health indicators, intensity, issues, and adjust the workout program for you just after the first training. The app recognizes an athlete’s weaknesses, offer recommendations and tips, and enable them to become real marathoners.


user profile

Setting high goals and progress visualization is the best motivator for any athlete. Therefore, we designed a user profile, not just for the selection of proper programs, but to set the daily norm that will only rise.

And of course, athletes can share their progress with friends or coaches. Compete, get ready for a marathon, or achieve the perfect figure all in one application.


and reminders

In sports, the core points are the right attitude and habits. Therefore, each athlete receives a training schedule with a detailed daily plan.

Before a new workout, the athlete can study the analysis results of past training and get a few tips as well as an adjusted program. And of course, inspired reminders don’t allow the user to finish the workout earlier or to cheat.

Track analysis

Monitor not only your state of health but also your cardio machine. The monitoring of equipment status is possible in a couple of clicks with service recommendations in addition. Carry out a checking before each lesson and increase the service life of the equipment at times.