Biggest in the world meditation platform for kids and adults

Stop, Breathe &Think

iOS. Android, Web

Most useful application for meditation. It fits perfectly for beginners and professionals in meditation. On top of that, the Stop, Breath & Think app has guided videos for meditation, yoga, and acupressure. Furthermore, the app has mood and progress tracker

What is it?

“Stop. Breath & Think” is an excellent example of a successful meditation application developed for iPhone and iPad. It has everything to practice meditation for people with different level of experience.

More than 55 tailored techniques, emotion tracker, tunable meditation and breathing timers, to reach the top effectiveness. The mobile application also includes meditation, yoga and acupressure videos to expand your meditation experience.

App Capabilities

  • Video Collection
  • Mood and Progress Tracker
  • Meditation Tracker
  • Short Activities
  • Meditation Adviser
  • Breath Tracker

Short Activities

Nowadays life is fast and stressful. How to find a time to relax? “Stop. Breath & Think” app got you covered with short activities suitable for all kinds of experience levels. Sessions can be as short as 3 minutes. Furthermore, you would feel yourself unspeakably better after these short meditations.

Meditation Adviser

Correctly selected meditation plays a significant role in the positive outcome. Choose a perfect activity depending on your emotional state. No time loss because of choosing the technique. Simply decide how you feel from the list, meditate and enjoy a fantastic feeling.

Breathe & Meditation

It is well known that the time of meditation is an important factor. You’ll do perfectly with the built-in timer for meditation and breath in SBT mobile application. Choose the duration, sound and the background of the timer.

Breath timer serves one purpose – make a breath practice comfy for you. Select the desired length of exercise, hit start and follow the runner for breath-out and breath-in. Easy and effective.

Mood & Progress Tracker

In our busy world, there’s no room for ineffective activity. Besides, it’s in our nature to track benefits. That’s why SBT meditation application has a well thought-out system with stickers you get for different achievements.

Keep the score of mood and meditation progress, analyze your results and your mental and physical feelings. You will be surprised how meditation progress influences your average self-feeling.

Business Benefits

We worked with our customer in close cooperation in order to use feedback from a broad beta group to further update the app in preparation for its launch. We are sure that great effort of ANODA’s team and heavy but fruitful work-nights were worth it. Stop, Breathe &Think app’s owner the victory, and now he is the owner of an award-winning meditation app with over 3 million downloads.

Technology Stack and Instruments


  • 2 iOS Developer
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Back-end Developer


  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance

Languages & Tools:

  • iOS – Swift, Objective-c
  • Design – Miro, Figma,
  • Back-end – Node.js

Scope of Work

  • 191 – screens
  • 5000 – hours
  • 7 – people

Team Says

ANODA Agency

The team is an excellent partner that distinguishes themselves from other vendors. They excelled at prioritizing tasks within a complex workload. The team is fully dedicated, works seamlessly and their deep engagement push them to offer many app optimizations. Expertise and meticulousness are hallmarks of their work.

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