Travelets tell you all about the journey! Mobile app to gain and share trip experience, unusual locations, travel stories, and numerous eye-catching photos.

Are you an avid traveler and looking for new exotic locations or a newer and don’t know where to start a trip around the world? Travelets app was created for every traveler to gain and share experiences about all incredible trip aspects, unusual corners of the Earth, reliable accommodations, or more.

Travel is always inspired us, so we are delighted that the founder of Trevelets chose our mobile app development agency to build from scratch a cutting-edge social media for travelers.

Travelets is a real tour advisor. This flawless app assists you in journey planning and preparing, let you choose the most exciting and thrilling locations, accommodations, pit-stops, food and beverage, places for calm relax, and entertainment. Let the experience of others help you to avoid troubles afield. Or otherwise, the app encourages you to change your life. Learn more about how!








What is it? A simple post with extensive details about your awesome trips. Users gain a chance to discover new thrilling locations, reliable accommodations, enjoy appealing views right from home, and plan their future journey, consider the experience of sophisticated travelers.


Each diary is a chance to describe the emotions of each visited place at a certain date, time, and city. Users can attach numerous appealing photos from each location and should set a primary one. The latest diary displayed on the top following the correct chronological order.

Feed Screen

The feed consists of Travelets of the people you follow, anytime you can unfollow or even block unwanted persons. The activity feed is ranked like in any entertainment news app – you add a new Travelets or Diary about your last trip and the feed updates and arranges posts in chronological order.

Location Search

Are you intent on a journey in a city of your dreams and want to get your ducks in a row? Just search the desired city and investigate all the posts of the sophisticated travelers with numerous diaries, recommendations, and attached photos.

Instagram Integration

If you are an avid traveler, you definitely keep your account Instagram active at all times. Travelets app allows you to increase your audience. The ready-made Travelets can be published in the Instagram feed just with one click.