Mobile application for coworking search and navigation inside them. Every workplace has iBeacon that tracks information who is busy and who is open for negotiations. Coworking rent can be paid through Workabode App.

Workspaces were created for freelancers, allowing them to work somewhere other than a coffee shop. But they are not just for that. Co-working spaces have become places where people go to communicate, share experiences, and even create startups. The Workabode founders have pursued the goal of taking co-working environments to another level. They hope that it will help freelancers and startups work better together and give birth to great ideas. The application gives you access to all available spaces in co-working areas that you can book. Places have detailed information, including reviews.

In investigating a co-working space, you can see the profiles of people who work there right now and see their attitudes: whether people are ready to communicate, give advice, or are simply there to get their own work done. This is a great system that can make it easy to meet new people or to work without being disturbed. It’s an interesting project and we are glad that the founder picked us when deciding to find an app developer.








The search screen is created to make your search for a co-working space beyond convenient. First, select the type of workspace that meets your needs: freelance work, meeting, cluster, community, or other options. Next, define a convenient distance for you. Click search and look through all the available spaces that have descriptions and reviews. Based on that information you find, choose the most suitable space for you and book the date and time you need.


On the “My Sessions” screen, you can see your upcoming and previous sessions. In the “Upcoming Sessions” tab, you will see all the bookings you have made. From there, you can check the places you have booked, book them again for the future, or cancel the booking. From the “Past Sessions” screen, you have an option to book the place again, or add a review if you have something to say about your time there.


iBeacons are the foundation of this app. They are the technology that can provide you with detailed information about the people in a co-working space. Every time a user of the Workabode mobile application occupies a workplace, he connects to iBeacon. This way, he opens access to his Workabode profile.

With this technology, while searching for a suitable workspace, you can then see which people are currently present, and where. Maybe there’s someone who you really need to work with today, and moreover, you will be able to see people’s statuses and whether they are ready to communicate or not. Sometimes, work goes so great that you don’t track the time. But the Workabode app also tracks the time you spend in co-working spaces and sends notifications that ask whether you want to extend your time.


When you connect to iBeacon, other users of the Workabode mobile application get access to information in your profile. On “your profile” screen, you will add information about you, your profession, and your skills. When people look at your profile, they can define whether they want to start a conversation with or if you don’t need to contact one another within a working space. Who knows! Somebody could be interested in you, and this collaboration might lead to an amazing idea that can change the world. But don’t worry — anytime you want, you can switch your status to let people know whether you are open for communication or not.