Staged payments

We want you to know what kind of payment options we propose even before we start discussing your app idea. This way there will be no surprises. Besides, our payment option can make you happy! We never take full payment upfront, not even a half of app development cost.

For your convenience payment are due only for milestones, which we try to fit in 1 month. And here you also choose whether to pay 100% upfront for milestone or 50% upfront. It makes it convenient for your budget and payment become easy to handle.

50% upfront

before every milestone

This payment option is available only for app development stage. With this payment option you only pay 50% upfront, and the second part is due on milestone finish date. Unlike full payment upfront here you don’t have access to all materials until the second payment is made. It’s reasonable choice if you don’t have full trust for us. Also it’s easier to start app development stage moneywise. But you will have to sacrifice the ability to get all materials of your future app every day.

100% upfront

before every milestone

If you choose to pay 100% upfront, it means that you have to cover with payment all design, development, wireframing hours that are planned for one milestone. But here’s what you get if you choose to pay 100% upfront- you will have access to all materials every day. It’s an alternative for app development stage, but for design and wireframing it’s the only option.

Payment methods


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